This is how Tom Holland’s ideal partner would be, according to his birth chart

Tom Holland He is one of the most popular actors of recent years. If he made himself known around the world thanks to his role as Spider-Man, the young Briton has devoted himself to acting since a young age. His film debut dates back to 2012, when he was just 16 years old, in the film L’impossible. The truth is that over time the actor gained more ground in the industry and thus became Pierre Parker.

Be part of wonderof course, his fan base has grown incredibly. So much so that on his Instagram account he has more 45 million subscribers. And it must be said that at 25 he also fell in love with several. In fact, it was rumored that it could be the couple from zendaya, although they have made it clear that they are just friends.

When it comes to his private life, Tom is generally quite reserved, although it is believed that he would continue to be boyfriends with the British. Nadia Parkes. But if you’re here it’s because you probably like the astrology And, you are interested in knowing what the actor’s ideal partner would look like. Analyze certain aspects of his christmas cards, it’s possible. We tell you how is Tom Holland in love.

What would Tom Holland’s perfect match look like, based on his birth chart

How is Tom Holland in love? (Photo: Getty)

To obtain the birth chart of any person, it is necessary to have date, time and place of birth. In the case of Tom Holland, as his time of birth is unknown, we will not have access to his to the top, but yes to his Sun, its Moon, Mars and Venus, planets that play a very important role when it comes to forming a couple.

The young man was born a June 1, 1996 In London. At that time, the Sun was in the sign of Gemini. It is a sign with great communication capacities, ductile and flexible. He loves to learn new things, he is an inveterate curious. It is not uncommon to see a Gemini who indulges in various activities. In fact, Tom is not only an actor, but also a great dancer.

Being an Air sign (like Libra and Aquarius), he enjoys being on the move and conversations are his passion, especially if it turns philosophical. But, unlike its opposite sign, SagittariusGemini don’t like to go too deep into subjects, they prefer to know a little bit about everything, otherwise they will get bored. In this sense, it can be somewhat inconstant and superficial.

Gemini men and women aren’t particularly romantic, detail-oriented, or overly demonstrative. Yes, they are funny and with a great sense of humor. Of course, you still need to see a person’s birth chart in its entirety, because not everything is the Sun.

But, in Tom’s case, he also has his Moon in Sagittarius, coincidentally a moon that needs its space and to be free. People who have this planet in this sign are generally very optimistic and also funny, they always see the bright side. Men with Moon in Sagittarius They are determined, independent and super sincere, that is to say they do not keep quiet at all, as a Moon in Libra would for example.

In addition, they love nature, animals and love to travel the world. On the negative side, they can be very impatient and deny. They prefer to avoid a problem rather than solve it, because for them “everything must always go well”. In this sense, in a relationship they can sometimes have communication problems. In fact, if they feel overwhelmed by the connection, or somehow feel that it is wrong, they can run away without giving too much explanation. Here it also depends on where they have Mercury, the planet of communication.

Two other very important planets in a person’s birth chart, if we are talking about love, are Venus Yes Mars, cosmic lovers. Tom Holland has Venus, the planet of relationships, in Gemini just like his Sun. Men who have his Venus in Gemini they need to connect with other people on a mental level. It’s very stimulating for them. That is to say that the conversations are something sensational. Thus, connecting with someone who is interested in different issues, especially social or artistic, will be very appealing. Of course, the first time they get bored, they’ll wonder if they should continue with this link.

Finally, Mars. The actor has his Mars in Taurus. It’s a position that makes people very patient. They can be very careful when it comes to winning over someone, even a shy one. But since Taurus is a passionate and very sensual sign, being in the sign of action like Mars, these characteristics will be reinforced. They love to enjoy a nice dinner or a nice walk with their partner. If we talk about the negative, they can get a little lazy and jealous.

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