This is how Natalie Portman uses essential oils to produce collagen

Natalie Portman surprises us by confessing one of his basics for take care of your skin and it is that we recently discovered that the celeb is also essential oil lover, so we present to you the way in which he uses them, in addition to the steps of his skincare routine.

when we thought that have a glowy face, free of expression lines and hydrated was only possible with expensive products, the actress reminds us that there is natural elements who can help us with that mission, so get inspired by this beauty secret to integrate it into your day to day.

Natalie Portman reveals her secret to look 10 years younger

The celeb is one of our beauty icons and it is that its naturalness has invited us to bet on a simpler way of showing our qualities. Portman usually takes care of his skin with a ritual that integrates soap, cream, serums and of course essential oils to nourish your face in depth.

Natalie Portman reveals her secret to looking 10 years younger. Photo: AP

Essential oils to produce collagen

Although the actress of ”Thor: Love and Thunder’ does not mention any oil in particular, we will reveal some elixirs they will help you produce collagen:

  1. Almonds oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Avocado oil

How to use essential oil to produce collagen in the skin?

The first thing you should know is that these friends apply after using the cream, as the last step in your skincare routine. Put a couple of drops on your hands and spread them all over your expensiveBesides of neck with delicate massages in the direction upward.

repeat every night To notice better results, remember that before applying any product you must consult a specialist to check your compatibility with these elements.

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This is how Natalie Portman uses essential oils to produce collagen