This is how Jennifer lopez takes care of her face at 52 years old

Jennifer Lopez has been sticking to a constant routine of facial and body care for decades to always stay young and fit. “We talk about music, movies, this and that … and wherever I go people ask me how do you take care of your skin? So it almost seemed like an obligation to me that, if I ever entered the beauty industry, the skin had to come first, “said the fireproof and versatile Jennifer Lopez a few weeks ago to Entertainment Tonight last December on the occasion of the launch of her JLo Beauty Skincare facial care line.

The artist has been listening to the question of what products she uses to have such a good face for many years and that is why at the beginning of this year she launched her own cosmetic brand with creams with two objectives: to take care of the skin and give that halo so recognizable in it, the glow . Now, through a video uploaded to his Instagram profile, Lopez has decided to share with the world the facial care routine that he follows every morning.

The singer begins by cleansing the skin with a cream-gel texture cleanser (That Hit Single Cleanser, from her own brand). “We developed this cleanser to remove all dirt, grease and excess makeup. I don’t know, even when I wash the night before, sometimes I have the feeling that there is some residue left on the hairline that I missed, there is always something. So morning cleaning is very, very important to keep your face looking good all day, ”he says. This is your first step: soap your entire face and then make a special impact on the contour of the eyes and forehead. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a cotton towel.

Next, JLo continues with what he calls “the secret ingredient” (That JLo Glow Serum, a serum that he made 21 versions of until he found the one he was looking for). It is applied all over the face, with upward movements and without forgetting the neck. This serum contains a matrix derived from sugar that achieves an immediate tightening and lifting effect on the skin’s surface. It also contains Japanese rice sake (soothing) and yeast-derived ferments (which soften, condition, illuminate and tone the appearance of the skin).

The third step is the application of sunscreen. “You have to take care of your skin since you are very young. That is probably one of the things I did from a very, very young age that helped preserve my skin now,” she says. “You can wear it under makeup, it gives you a lot of radiance and does not leave a white residue. It is designed to be used as a moisturizer, “he says while massaging the cream into his face.

Finally, Lopez ends up taking a vitamin supplement from her own brand, That Inner Love, with 12 essential vitamins and minerals to fight the signs of aging. In addition, the mega antioxidants vitamins C, E and A, four B vitamins, copper and manganese that form collagen, and olive extract enhance the benefits of skin nutrients and cell protection in this highly effective formula.