They assure that Robert Downey Jr. helped Armie Hammer after accusations of cannibalism

It was a couple of months ago when several screenshots began to spread through social networks with alleged accusations against Armie Hammer, which evidenced the alleged taste for cannibalism and his fantasy of rape and sexual relations.

After this, the scrutiny against the actor began to arrive, to such an extent that his acting career began to plummet, causing him to lose his job in a matter of months.

During that time it was revealed that Armie had entered rehabilitation in Florida for almost six months, at that time it was reported that the actor was a patient of an institution designed to treat drug, alcohol and sex addiction.


In this context, it was revealed that, despite the fact that everyone had “turned their backs” on the actor, it was revealed that Robert Downey Jr. had allegedly been in charge of paying for the rehabilitation, this because Armie He had been left penniless after losing his job and was allegedly disinherited by his family.

After undergoing rehabilitation, Armie returned to the Cayman Islands, where, in addition to living with his family, he was also working in a local hotel as a timeshare salesman, however due to the scrutiny that continues to come from of the press decided to leave the place, where once again it is said that Robert gave him a hand.


According to a recent Vanity Fair exclusive, it was revealed that Armie had returned to Los Angeles.

“Hammer was so besieged by the press in the Cayman Islands that, on Friday, he flew with his wife and two young children to Los Angeles to escape scrutiny (…) During his stay in the city, Hammer has stayed in a house that Downey Jr. owns and has attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Malibu.

Likewise, Vanity announced that Armie continues to receive financial help from Robert Downey Jr. after it was revealed that the actor was allegedly bankrupt.

At the moment neither of the two actors has confirmed this data.

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They assure that Robert Downey Jr. helped Armie Hammer after accusations of cannibalism