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Like the next James Bond Can wait to dieSoon at the theater, And meLast film with Daniel Craig, 3 actors approach Take over the role of the famous spy.

Two favorite candidates

The character of James Bond is Many performers from the start of its existence. while Sean Connery, David Niven, Pierce Brosnan or the last Daniel Craig, There are many actors who have played famous spies. Actors change regularly and know it Can wait to die The last film as an English agent for Daniel Craig. It’s normal for fans to wonder who will play the role.

For some time now, many rumors have pleased the two actors. Is Henry Cavill, known for playing Superman from Steel man (2013) or more recently Géralt de Rivin netflix series The witcher (After 2019).

Régé-Jean Page is also expected Play as a spy. 31-year-old actor appears in hit series Bridgerton House Chronicle On Netflix.

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Internal sources interviewed by the media Page 6Said about The next actor to play James Bond:

“” They talk about Léger, However, the Bond producer won’t make a decision until Dying Can Wait is released.It is the grand finale of Daniel Craig. But Henry Cavill is still racing And he’s much more famous today than when his name was first mentioned. NOT. Another possibility is George MacKay “”

New actor running

So, for a few weeks, New players will be added to the two others in progress For the role of James Bond. Is British actor George MacKayBecame known through his role in Action movie 1917..

1630983291 219 James Bond these three actors are approached to replace Daniel

As internal sources explain, it is One of the producers 1917 The person who suggested that Mackay double spy.. A 29-year-old actor has already been seen Mini series 11.22.63 When Fantastic captain..

The source also describes the next possible James Bond:

“” There is a discussion on Reboot of the Bond franchise after Daniel Craig with a young man, When [George Mackay] You can take a walk. “”

Can wait to die Cinema release October 6, The action spy movie was directed by Cary Joki Fukunaga and the star Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Léa Seydou. If you like this article, you will definitely want to find out Actor Pierce Brosnan will see him play the famous spy.

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