These are Jennifer Lopez’s 6 essentials to take care of her hair

Inspiration for our makeup or for our looks can come from many places, but one of the most common is que arises thanks to the styling of some famous. A selection of stars that we love to sign, among which Jennifer Lopez stands out.

The artist turns any color or cut she wears into a trend, an influence that your hair does not escape. Always innovating and surprising, we love to see her with her characteristic XL hair or with her natural curls. Therefore, we have selected the six essential basics of JLo to take care of her hair.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to get a good result on our hair, as the star and her team of stylists (with Chris Appleton at the helm) know, is have a shampoo that suits the needs of our hair fiber. Jennifer Lopez does it by betting on a special one for dry hair, as is her case.

Over time she has tried several firms, but as she confessed herself, right now she is using the only shampoo from the Hers firm (of which she is co-owner). “Since I’ve used it my hair is thicker and has grown about ten centimeters in the last six months, “she said on Instagram. For sale for $ 19 in her online store, the singer assured that” it is nothing too elegant and perfumed. It’s just good“.

In addition, precisely by betting on this same firm, JLo He has also talked about another basic step to keep your hair healthy: specific treatments. That is, depending on your needs, you bet on a hair scrub to cleanse the scalp or a minoxidil serum to strengthen the root.

Chris Appleton, her trusted stylist, revealed to us a few months ago another of Jennifer Lopez’s secrets to show off her polished and shiny hair. This is The Ultimate brush from Tangle Teezer. (Available in Sephora). The hairdresser explained that they both love this proposal because its “long spikes and soft tips slide through the hair to straighten it without snagging.”

A maxi fringe, short pixie style, medium length hair, ultra-smooth ponytail or length at the waist… in just a month we can see the Queen of the Bronx with all kinds of cuts and lengths. Hair witchcraft? Obviously not, just a love for extensions and wigs that we should share. They are not only useful to try a change of look, but also to do it temporarily without damaging our hair fibers.

While in terms of shape we do usually observe numerous changes in JLo, in terms of coloration they are more subtle. Little by little it gets dark or lightening her mane, always with reflections that frame the face. Although, here there is also an essential tip from the artist for everyone, trust professional dyes.

Last year he already revealed to us that su colorista Tracey Cunningham use the hairdressing dyes of the American firm Color Wow, and if you want to try them at home you can do it, since they are also a the sale for clients.

Finally we can not forget two basic finishing that always accompany Jennifer Lopez. On the one hand the spray antiencrespamiento Dream Coat also from the firm Color Wow.

While when it comes to fixation you trust L’Oréal Paris’ Elnett lacquer. Coming to confess that he always carries a mini-size one in his bag for touch-ups. Thus, it is clear that the essentials of JLo to take care of your hair are less, and more accessible, than we imagined.