These 2 euro coins that are (very) expensive

Did you know that some 2 euro coins are worth much more than their face value? Several of them can bring in several hundred euros.

You might have some treasure in your wallet. Some 2 euro coins are special. When they contain an error, or if they come from a printing of commemorative coins, they are worth much more than 2 euros. Take a closer look, maybe you have one.

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Where to sell your high value coins?

If you have any of these parts, you can resell it on the websites eBay, Rakuten Shopping, Numiscorner (a site specializing in coins), or even Catawiki and Delcampe. You will sell them to buyers in France and elsewhere. Some sites even have an auction option where you can sell your find to the highest bidder.

You can also go in a numismatic store where an expert (called a numismatist) will estimate the value of your coin and can buy it back from you. On the other hand, the sale will be subject to a commission. For example, if you go to the store, there will be a commission of 20% excluding VAT (+ 19.60% VAT on the commission), or approximately 24% including VAT on the sale price. Warning, commissions and prices are estimated according to criteria defined by each numismatist, there is no fixed single price.

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