These 1 euro coins that are (very) expensive

There are 1 euro coins worth more than their face value. Some are estimated at more than 100 euros.

One sum can hide another. Many coins put into circulation, or sold to collectors, have a value greater than their face value. This is the case with some 1 euro coins. Here are which ones.

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How to define the quality of a part?

It is not enough to find a rare piece to resell it at a superb price. Indeed, the condition and quality of the part define, in part, its value. The other part being its rarity level. The more a coin has circulated, the less valuable it is. Scratches, signs of wear and other defects due to its circulation reduce its value. So there is a scale of coin quality. In France, there are 8 degrees.

These categories are associated with numbers. So, the scale goes from Mediocre quality (1 to 2) to Fleur de Coin quality (65 to 70). For pieces of excellent quality, generally sold by collectors and in boxes, there is the category “Good proof”. These are intact coins, which have not been put into circulation. Basically it’s the cream of the crop. These are the ones that are worth one to several hundred (or even thousands) of dollars.

Here are the different categories: M: Poor (1-2); AB: Quite handsome (3-5) ; B : Beau (6-14) ; TB : Beautiful (15-39) ; TTB : Very, very beautiful (40-54) ; SUP : Superb (55-62) ; SPL : Gorgeous (63- 64) ; FDC : Corner flower (65-70) / BU : Universal gloss and FB: Burnished flan / BE : Nice test. The membership of a part to a category is defined according to several criteria and conditions: the remaining relief (in percentage), the identifiability of the part, the legibility of the legends, if the reliefs are complete, the absence of shocks but also stripes, then punching velvets.

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