These 1 cent coins that are (very) expensive

See those little red pennies lying around in the back of your wallet? They could be worth much more than their initial value.

Looking to get rid of your red coins? Take a closer look at them first. Your penny coins may be worth more than their face value. According to the site Info Collection, some pennies are estimated at several tens of euros and more.

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The typing qualities

In a previous article, we mentioned the different degrees of quality of the parts (Mediocre, Splendid, Fleur de coin, etc.). The distinction is also made between the so-called “circulated” coins – which are of classic quality and have already been used – and the so-called “non-circulated” coins (UNC, abbreviation of “uncirculated” in English). These are sold directly between professionals, handled with great care and taken out of a roll, according to the explanations of Numismag.

As for the Belle Proof and Brillant Universel pieces, they are of excellent quality and protected by a safe, but also vacuum-sealed and sealed. The risks of seeing these coins in circulation are slim, it could be a mistake (and great luck for anyone who stumbles upon it). These pieces, printed in limited series, are intended for the collection only.

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