The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus has an idea for the reunion between Daryl and Rick

The Walking Dead through its swan song: season 11 and final will arrive on August 23 at FOX Spain, allowing viewers to enjoy this beginning of the end. And as we prepare to join our favorite characters on this final crusade for Alejandra, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) has wanted to share his idea for a reunion with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes.

Daryl and Rick, the dream reunion

“I think I know what will happen”, Reedus begins by saying, in statements granted to ComicBook. “I will meet Rick by chance; he will smile, I will smile … we will probably drop a tear … and then hit him in the face“. Recall that Rick abandoned his companions and friends in season 9, being rescued by a helicopter from the Civilian Military Republic.

However, from Daryl’s point of view, Reedus’ character believes that Rick has sacrificed himself by blowing up a bridge to stop a horde of walkers. Daryl spends six years searching for Rick’s body, obviously without success. So, although Reedus has already devised what that meeting between the two would be like, the truth is that it is not clear when that expected moment will occur.

An emotional reunion that will end with a punch to the face

In fact, when the showrunner was asked Angela Kang If I could tell if Rick returns in the final season of The Walking Dead, Kang replied with a laugh: “No”. Until further notice, the next time we see Rick will be in the trilogy of films to star in and that will help us to shed more light on what happened with the character of Lincoln. Some films that have been delayed to follow the rhythm of the television series and not anticipate events, or the demands of users.

We do not know if we will see Rick Grimes in season 11, even if it is in the form of flashbacks as has been rumored. What is clear is that the fans would love to see that reunion, especially after Reedus has come up with that idea. Meanwhile, you can know all the details of season 11 and its organization in the calendar in our report.

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