The Vampire Diaries: Why Nina Dobrev Never Regretted Leaving The Series

Two years after leaving her popular character, the show ended and many cannot help but wonder if Nina Dobrev regretted her decision to leave The Vampire Diares, the truth is that she never saw it that way.

The actress Nina Dobrev Rose to fame in 2009 as Elena Gilbert in the teen drama Supernatural The Vampire Diaries. Dobrev starred on the show until 2015 when he decided to say goodbye to the show and move on to other projects. Two years later, the show ended and many can’t help but wonder if Nina Dobrev regretted her decision to leave the show.

The Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev walked away from the series amid many rumors

In 2015, Nina Dobrev announced that she would be leaving The Vampire Diaries and after his departure, strong rumors began to emerge about the reasons that led the actress to move away from the role. It’s definitely not that weird that the cast members don’t get along; after all, not everyone can be close from the start. Nina Dobrev opened up about the fact that she initially disliked her co-star Paul Wesley, even though the two played love interests on the show.

Nina Dobrev He was a main cast member for the show’s first six seasons, which definitely means he filmed a lot with the cast and crew. Looking back, the actress admits that being on the set of The Vampire DiarieIt’s always been a really fun experience.

As fans know, Nina Dobrev played not only Elena Gilbert on the show, but Katherine Pierce and Amara as well. According to the actress, playing various characters was a real bonus to the show and something she really enjoyed.

The Vampire Diaries: According to the actress herself, she is not sorry for leaving the series

Nina Dobrev and her former co-star Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore on the show, they were satiated from March 2010 to April 2013. After that, they worked for two more years on the show before Nina said goodbye to The Vampire Diaries. Fans were quick to conclude that Somerhalder was perhaps the reason the actress left the show because let’s face it, who likes working with her ex. However, Dobrev revealed that she is actually good friends with both Ian Somerhalder and his wife, actress Nikki Reed, which means that her ex was not the reason she left the show.

While Nina Dobrev has been a part of multiple projects since she said goodbye to The Vampire DiariesShe seems to have peaked as Elena Gilbert on the show. Of course, Nina Dobrev He hasn’t said anything about this yet, and at 32 he’s still young, so this may change, but not many people can even think about what he’s been up to after the show.

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The Vampire Diaries: Why Nina Dobrev Never Regretted Leaving The Series