The unknown reason why Liv Tyler left Hollywood and disappeared from the screen

Liv Tyler not only is the daughter of singer Steven Tylerthe leader of Aerosmith. Actress and model owner of a captivating beauty, she also had a great career ahead of her on the big screen, but she dismissed it and changed course after denouncing discrimination against women in Hollywood several times.

Liv Rundgren Tyler was born on July 1, 1977 in New York. She is the daughter of Bebe Buell, a model and groupies from the band Aerosmith, and vocalist Steven Tyler. However, until she was 9 years old, she thought that his father was the partner of his mother, musician Todd Rundgren.

She started working as a model at the age of 14., but after appearing at 16 in his father’s video “Crazy” -in which he shared the limelight with Alicia Silverstone-, he dedicated himself to acting. Before she was 20 years old, she had already made several films, such as a silent witness and stolen beautyand had also made his first complaints.

Liv Tyler: Second Class Citizen in Hollywood

“At my age, you’re like a second-class citizen in Hollywood. When you’re a teenager or in your 20s, there’s an incredible variety of candid girl roles that you’re excited to play. But it’s not fun at all when things start to change,” she noted.

Liv Tyler walked away from the big screen in the pandemic (Photo: Instagram / misslivalittle)

“I am a feminist and I am proud to be. Throughout my life I have been called controlling for wanting to focus on all the details, unconscious for following my heart and taking risks, and even crazy for saying what I think and not accepting people’s crap,” she added. It amazes me when all this happens and it motivates me to work even harder to defend what I believe is fair for me and all women.”

Your career at risk

It was the year 2003, Liv Tyler she had already played the beautiful elf Arwen in the saga The Lord of the rings for the last three years, but she was alerted: if she didn’t lose weight, she would no longer find new roles on the big screen.

The clip in which Liv Tyler appears, the daughter of the leader of the legendary band.

His response was: “I refuse to follow Hollywood standards of beauty and youth. For the rest of the world I am thin and I like to be who I am.

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Even so, he did some other roles in films such as Armageddon and The incredible Hulk, but then decided to give up acting. It was during the pandemic, in 2020, when she canceled her contract with the Fox network and stopped making the series. 911: Lonestar. Her goal was to be with her family, given that at that time she could not travel and she did not want to risk being away from her husband Dave Gardner, whom she had married in 2014, and her three children of her.

Life away from Hollywood

Since then, Liv Tyler She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, but she also continues to work as a perfume model. very irresistibleof givenchy.

Liv Tyler enjoys her life away from Hollywood. Photo: Instagram @misslivalittle

Liv Tyler enjoys her life away from Hollywood. Photo: Instagram @misslivalittle

Her social networks (where she has two and a half million followers) show her in her daily life, as the mother of Milo (son of musician Royston Langdon), Sailor and Lula, who she had with her third husband, businessman Dave Gardner.

The photos he shares are of his girl Lula who lost two teeth or tried on a beautiful costume, or of a birthday cake that didn’t look good on her, or of his cats Leroy and Valentine, or his dog Lady Rio. He also shows images of landscapes and sunsets that move her.

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Along with those images, Liv Tyler wrote: “Life excites me. I don’t mean acting in movies or giving interviews, but the small, normal, everyday things: getting out of bed, getting dressed, preparing food. All of that is exciting!”

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The unknown reason why Liv Tyler left Hollywood and disappeared from the screen