The turbulent life of John Travolta: deaths, scandals, blackmail and eccentricities

The life of John Travolta (68) is a real roller coaster of emotions from which the actor has not been able to get off in the last five decades. Hit hard by the vicissitudes of fate and cornered by some controversial episodes, the actor with Italian and Irish roots has been subscribed in one way or another to the drama.

With little more than 20 yearsin the mid-seventies, Travolta broke into the film industry with force thanks to the devil’s rain (1975), Carrie (1976), and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976), where he met Diana Hylandactress 18 years older than him with whom he had a relationship at the time of his death, a year later, a victim of breast cancer.

Travolta was 23 years old and was already beginning to experience in his own flesh the troubles of a life that still had many surprises in store for him. The first of them Saturday night Feverthe film that launched him to stardom in 1977 and made him one of the youngest actors to be nominated for an Oscar for his unforgettable performance as Tony Manero.

Enrolled in the scientology Almost from the moment he first set foot in Hollywood, John Travolta seemed to have no limits after adding Grease (1978) to his filmography, but a series of poor decisions, such as turning down leading roles for American Gigolo Y officer and gentleman, they made everything go wrong and Travolta began chaining expendable roles that seriously threatened to bury a promising career.

Until Quentin Tarantino came to the rescue with pulp fiction (1994) to offer the actor a second chance, who clung to it with all his might. The result? A new nomination under her belt and a chance to regain lost status. Married since the beginning of the decade to Kelly Preston and with renewed airs, Travolta returned to reap another success thanks to How to conquer Hollywood (1995), but he went back to his old ways to get lost in a kind of irrelevant films that he has not been able to get rid of to date.

It is true that it cannot be said that the actor has lacked work and for a time he was subscribed to action blockbusters, but the best of his filmography is a distant memory. And to top it off, Travolta has not found a respite on personal ground.

Just when Tarantino was knocking on their door, John Travolta and Kelly Preston received the news that their son Jett, born in 1992, had been diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome, although the actor himself also revealed that he had a certain level of autism and that he suffered convulsions, which years later would prove fatal. And it is that in 2009, during the Christmas holidays that the family in the Bahamas, Jett had an accident in the bathroom that would end up costing him his life due to head trauma. This Thursday he would have turned 30 and the actor remembered him on his social networks.

The tragic episode was aggravated when Travolta was the object of an attempted blackmail by one of the health workers who treated his son and his lawyer, who threatened to implicate him in the young man’s death due to neglect. And, although the actor began a legal battle in his defense, he ultimately gave up getting to the bottom of the matter to save the family more suffering.

rumors and lawsuits

And it is not the only litigation that Travolta has waged, which has almost always been accompanied by more or less insistent rumors about his alleged homosexuality. In 1991, Time magazine published an article about Scientology in which it was stated that Travolta was afraid of abandoning it to prevent alleged relationships that the actor had in the past from coming to light.

On the other hand, in 2006, The National Enquirer magazine posted a photo of Travolta kissing another man that revived old rumors again, while in 2012 the actor had to face up to three lawsuits filed by sexual abuse and for offering money in exchange for having sex. All of them in charge of masseuses. Those referring to sexual abuse were dismissed while the remaining one was resolved with an agreement to avoid holding the trial.

No less surprising is the story of Douglas Gotterba, an airplane pilot who worked for Travolta, and who also assured at the time that lived an affair with the actor for six years. A story that she thought to capture in a book and yet never saw the light, among other things, because Travolta also resorted to justice to avoid it.

However, while everything related to his sexual life is still mere speculation, the last setback has nothing to do with rumors and yes with the harsh reality, which returned the actor almost to the starting point thirty years later. And it is that to the loss of his first known girlfriend and the loss of his sonTravolta had to face in July 2020 the death of his wife, Kelly Preston, also a victim of breast cancer.

“With all the pain in my heart I inform you that my precious wife Kelly has lost her battle against breast cancer that she had been fighting for two years. She fought bravely with the love and support of many (…). I’m going to take some time to be with my children who have lost their mother, so please excuse me in advance if you don’t hear from me for a while,” Travolta announced after the tragic outcome.

And in those days, pending the other two children he had with his wife and without any project in sight, although very focused on a passion that he has cultivated since his youth: fly. The actor has recently obtained a new license to add to those he already had and which allows him to fly even on commercial flights. A hobby that can definitively distance you from acting. But with Travolta you never know. He may still give us one last barrage of talent.

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The turbulent life of John Travolta: deaths, scandals, blackmail and eccentricities