The transformation of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter: This is Emme’s new look

Through her social networks, Jennifer Lopez was in charge of showing the growth of her “coconuts”, as she lovingly calls her children Maximilian already We do not. But it is the “princess of the house” who astonished everyone with her new style, which many can define as typical of the rebelliousness of her age.

With an outgoing character and with features very similar to her mother, the young woman stands out for her talent for music, the same one that made the “Diva del Bronx” and her father, Marc Anthony, famous and that there is no doubt that she could exploit to future.

The shocking Super Bowl 2020 performance that wowed millions of viewers sets a before and after in the girl who looked lovely in a white tulle mini skirt and hoodie, along with matching ankle boots, as she debuted. in the same setting with his mother’s hand.

The heirs of celebrities tend to attract attention with their outfits that defy any street style in trend. Angelina Jolie’s daughters, Shiloh Y Vivienne, top the list with their androgynous style. Now it is Emme who revolutionizes the networks with her transformation.

The rebellious look of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter

After a year, there are many changes in Emme Maribel Muñiz Lopez, who stopped being a girl to become a teenager who finds herself rediscovering herself and defining her style as she grows up.

The change is drastic. This is revealed by the latest photographs of the young woman, who was seen walking through the streets of Miami with Jennifer in an outfit that left everyone stunned, consisting of brown culotte pants, combined with a gray printed shirt and oversized checked shirt.

A new cut was part of the change, with hair down to the nape, leaving a long fringe on her forehead. Emme added accessories, such as a pair of earrings and a necklace, to add that feminine touch to her style.

According to the magazine Clara, which speaks of the grunge style, the trend that many celebrities and influencers have worn at some point defines an image “Rebellious, comfortable and carefree”, the same one that Emme wears today.

The large plaid shirts and “sloppy” jeans or the so-called baggy are the characteristic pieces of those who adopt this style, which the young woman wears, and that Jennifer supports as part of the changes that her daughter wants to try on the way to find her stage adult.

And on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th birthday of the superstar’s sister, Emme surprised again. This time he added a new detail to his look, her hair painted green, with which he earned hundreds of criticisms for his newly released appearance.

Emme received countless comments for her new look: “That girl looks like a boy, nothing feminine” and “I hadn’t realized how unladylike JLo’s girl” were the most repeated comments among the followers of the program’s Instagram account. “Tell me what you know”.

For the occasion, he wore jeans, a white shirt and a brown vest, with which he looked “not very feminine”, for many users of social networks.

And in the last or most recent appearance, Jennifer Lopez went shopping with Emme and again the teenager repeated her casual and relaxed image. The green hair matched his olive green shirt, the same one he chose for his previous casual outing, along with a black shirt. The baggy jeans were combined with black sneakers from the brand Vans.

According to the photos of the Daily MailThe singer enjoyed quality time visiting stores to buy furniture and rugs, along with her daughter, while they were accompanied by her manager Benny Medina. While JLo wore a sand beige sports set, oversized sunglasses and white Nike sneakers.

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