The Tobey Maguire and Paul Rudd movie that will make you cry


Very different from Marvel, Spider-Man and Ant-Man! This is the Oscar-winning drama production you should add to your list.

Paul Rudd and Tobey Maguire star in a very different Marvel movie.©GettyPaul Rudd and Tobey Maguire star in a very different Marvel movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly the perfect springboard for actors who want to be recognized worldwide. It’s that every time a performer joins the superhero franchise, the bigotry seems excessive. In this sense, figures such as Tobey Maguire Yes Paul Rudd -who have worked in the film industry for years- have become stars around the world thanks to their roles as Spider Man Yes The ant Man.

However, those same actors made a movie a long time ago that has nothing to do with franchises, big city battles, or action. On the contrary, it is a proposal that will make you cry. We refer to The rules of the cider housethe film released in Latin America under the title The rules of life while in Spain it is recognized as The rules of the cider house.

This American production was theatrically released in 1999 under the direction of Lasse Hallstrom. And even if the new generations hardly remember it, in reality it was a real event worthy of Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Michael Cain He won Best Supporting Actor and John Irving as Responsible for Best Adapted Screenplay, at the Academy Awards.

What is it about? Based on the novel Princes of Maine, Kings of New England, written by the same writer, revolves around Homer Wells, the character played by Maguire. This young man lived all his life in the Saint-Cloud orphanage. When he reached adolescence, the director of this center prepared him to be his successor. However, the protagonist feels the need to leave the orphanage, see the world, and fall in love.

the rules of life It also features performance of Charlize Theron, Kiran Culkin and JK Simmons in supporting roles. Undoubtedly, this is one of the movies you should add to your list if you are looking for pure emotional drama. In Spain you can enjoy the film through Movistar Pluswhereas in Latin America it needs to be rented at an additional cost in AppleTV. It is therefore a very different proposal from Marvel but which will captivate you in the same way.

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The Tobey Maguire and Paul Rudd movie that will make you cry