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Currently filming, the films “The Three Musketeers” include Eva Green in the cast, in the skin of Milady. A tailor-made role yet very different from the character in Alexandre Dumas’ novel. The actress revealed some surprising details.

The Three Musketeers: the big cinema piece of 2023

Currently, what will be the cinematic event of 2023 is filming in France. The two films adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas The three Musketeers will be released on April 5 (D’Artagnan) and December 13, 2023 (Milady). Directed by Martin Bourboulon (eiffel), they feature a five-star cast. Indeed, we find, among others, François Civil (D’Artagnan), Eva Green (Milady), Vincent Cassel (Athos), Romain Duris (Aramis) and Pio Marmaï (Porthos).

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The official synopsis promises an epic saga, as we have rarely seen in French cinema:

From the Louvre to Buckingham Palace, from the slums of Paris to the siege of La Rochelle… In a Kingdom divided by the wars of religion and threatened with invasion by England, a handful of men and women will cross their swords and link their destiny to that of France.

Eva Green announces a warlike Milady

Accustomed to complex roles, sometimes poisonous, Eva Green seems to be made for the role of Milady. In an interview given to our colleagues at Première for their May 2022 issue, the actress revealed the outlines of his character. She explains in particular why it is very different from Dumas’s novel.

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The Three Musketeers: Eva Green says more about her character Milady – CinéSéries