The “terrifying moment” that Jason Segel suffered after saying goodbye to ‘How I met your mother’

how I Met Your Mother‘It stopped broadcasting more than six years ago, and it is something that has left a very large void among the fans, since there were many adventures they lived with the group of friends in New York.

Ted trying to find the true love, on a mission that seems impossible. Although this cannot be done alone, and Barney will always be there to help you, being your faithful squire, and giving you those so crazy techniques to flirt. But, someone has to control these two, and that’s what Lily, that with their mother’s advice manages to put some head in the group. And she is not the only one who has to stop her feet, Robin nor does he get rid of the odd madness, and, despite being the toughest canadian, he also needs Lily’s advice. And of course Lily needs your support, Marshall, Ted’s best friend and the best father and husband That no one could have found

The actors of the series obtained a major success throughout the seasons, something that allowed them to be highly sought after in the world of Hollywood. In fact, we were able to see Jason Segel in movies like ‘Sex Tape’ and ‘Paso de ti’ or Neil Patrick Harris starring in ‘A Series of Catastrophic Misfortunes’ on Netflix.

But not all that glitters is gold, at least for Segel. Now the actor has opened up about problems that he’s had after ‘How I Met Your Mother’ ended.

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The crisis after so many years in ‘How I met your mother’

It seems that the actor suffered an existential crisis when he left his character behind: “I had a blank canvas in front of me, in which most of the things by which I defined my personality, had suddenly disappeared.”And now what do I do?’. It was a big scary moment like ‘who am I without all this?’ “, account in the podcast Armchair Expert de Dax Shepard.

Segel also confesses: “And I didn’t know if I was a good enough actor to do it. And I went through a period of the typical fear in this industry of ‘you’re a scammer’ “.

Fortunately, it seems that Jason managed to overcome his fear and has ended up having a prolific career in the industry. The series also continues to be one of the most loved and remembered, proof of this is the spin-off ‘How I Met Your Father’ that is already preparing with Hilary Duff and Chris Lowell in the cast.

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