The terrifying black comedy ‘Silent Night’ with Keira Knightley presents its first trailer

Keira Knightley, the famous British actress known for her participation in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean of Disney, returns to the load in the first trailer of Silent Night, a black comedy from newcomer director and screenwriter Camille Griffin that earnest money at the Sitges Festival after winning the award for best screenplay. In addition to Knightley, the film features other big-name stars such as Matthew Goode, Roman Griffin David (Jojo Rabbit), Annabelle Wallis (Evil one) y Lily-Rose Depp (Tusk) and plans to Theatrical release for December 22 due to its Christmas theme.

What exactly is it about Silent Night? Is it simply another Christmas movie to use? Does it have a twist to justify the applause that took place at the Sitges Festival? As viewers we will have no choice but to wait until its premiere to see it in theaters, although its synopsis could give us some clue. “As the world grapples with the apocalypse, a group of old friends gather to celebrate Christmas in an idyllic UK country house. Disturbed by the idea of ​​the inevitable destruction of humanity, they decide to face the situation calmly, opening another bottle of Prosecco and continuing the celebration.But, as much as they want to pretend normality, sooner or later, they will have to face the idea of which is his last night “, reads the synopsis of FilmAffinity.

What do the early reviews of Silent Night say?

At the moment, the film has good ratings from those lucky enough to see it first. In the portal that we have mentioned, the film currently has four positive and four mixed evaluations. The general consensus states that, despite some irregularities regarding its history and waste of the proposal, Silent Night has some very remarkable performances of the entire cast.

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The terrifying black comedy ‘Silent Night’ with Keira Knightley presents its first trailer