The strong blow that led Mickey Rourke to make a drastic decision: “It seems that my days of skateboarding are over”

If there is something to Mickey Rourke has accustomed his followers is to his changes in look and his predilection for contact sports. However, this Tuesday, the actor shared a photo on his Instagram account that caused a stir among his fans.

It is not for less. That image shows a close-up of her face and, in addition to her teary eyes, her bruised, cut and bloody forehead can be clearly seen. In the same photo you can also see her fingers full of bruises. By way of explanation, the protagonist of Nine weeks and a half wrote: “Looks like my skateboarding days are over”.

To complete the dramatic picture, behind him is a stack of white towels and what appears to be a pillow with a dark stain.

The 69-year-old actor and contestant on Masked Singer He did not give details about the conditions in which the accident occurred. Page Sixone of the American media that echoed the shocking image explained that it is not clear if the shocking blow occurred in the context of a filming or if the actor was skateboarding in search of a moment of fun that, clearly It ended in the worst way.

The doubt is reasonable. It is that, beyond the fact that Rourke is passionate about sports and he remains extremely active with a very rigorous exercise routine, in recent times his career has been revitalized. In fact, he is currently participating in three film projects that are in the production process: Murder at Hollow Creek (with Casper Van Dien and Jason Patric), Replica Y Jade. Four other films that have him as the protagonist are in the process of pre-production: cursed (with Lindsay Lohan), She’s Still Here (with Ali Larter and Jennifer Carpenter) and The Seeding. Two others, meanwhile, are close to being released: 3 Days Rising Y Section Eight.

As expected, the actor’s message unleashed a cataract of reactions in his feed. “Have you ever heard a skateboarder say that after a fall? No. They get up and do it again, man. As a boxer, have you ever said ‘this is as far as I’ve come’? I doubt it, ”commented one of his followers. At the other extreme, another recommended: “Friend, you are 65 years old. Relax or it will be your hip next time.”

The allusion to boxing is not accidental. For decades, the actor has been dedicated to this sport. “There are things that boxing has saved me from,” said the actor, in 2014, on Russian television, after knocking out a man twice his age in the ring.

That passion for the ring began in his teens: From 1964 to 1973, Rourke amassed an amateur boxing record of 27 wins, including 12 consecutive knockouts and three losses. After becoming one of the most famous and best-paid actors in Hollywood, he decided to momentarily abandon his career to rededicate himself to his other great passion.

His great return to the big screen was, precisely, as the protagonist of The fighter, the 2008 film in which he put himself in the shoes of a professional wrestler in decline. For his performance, he was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best actor and awarded with a BAFTA award, the Golden Globe and the Independent Spirit Award.

In 2019, after several love failures that became a scandal, the news broke that Rourke was formally dating model Elena Kuletskaya. It was she who accompanied him in this process and became a fundamental pillar in his addiction recovery. “She would not change it even for 20 Oscars”, he confessed to the magazine People when he publicly presented it at the 2010 Golden Globes.

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The strong blow that led Mickey Rourke to make a drastic decision: “It seems that my days of skateboarding are over”