The secrets of Al Pacino’s majestic scene in The Godfather 3

The Godfather It is one of the most important trilogies in the history of cinema. Born from the work of Mario Puzo, had to Francis Ford Coppola like the one responsible for carrying their strings and Al Pacino and Marlon brando like the two emblematic figures of the saga. The end of the story ends with one of the rawest moments in the life of Michel Corleone (Pacino) which is reflected in one of the most memorable screams in the industry.

One of the great people responsible for the epic charge at the cry of Pacino to The Godfather he was Walter Murch, one of the three editors of the film with Barry Malkin and Lisa Fruchtman, all nominated for their work on this film. The director said in an interview with Fiction Pool that they had shared the editing work between the three of them and that every day in the hallway I heard screams Pacino.

“After listening to it 100 times, I thought, ‘Too many screaming.’ To me it was clear that it wasn’t working to make him scream ” , he underlined Murch. From your point of view “A cry is a release of tension, a way to deal with pain. If someone is screaming, you don’t stop to see them scream ”. Then he had the idea to remove the sound from Michel Corleone: “It’s a moment of suspension, where the tension is not released with the cry, but time stops, in a way”, he assured.

Francis Ford Coppola has released a new director’s cut for this film. (Getty)

From the post of Murch, this editorial decision makes the public wonder ” What is happening? “. After a moment of pain and silence, the voice of Pacino arises for the first time and “The tension breaks”. The editor explained: “It was an idea that arose out of the chemistry of editing the footage and the needs of what the film demanded, so close to the end”.

The Offer, the series that will say everything about The Godfather

For lovers of The Godfather, primordial + He not only has all the films in the trilogy but is also preparing a series. It is The offer, who will say how it is that the novel by Mario Puzo it became a film production. It will be based on the memories of Red al, one of the producers of the film, and part of the team that won l’Oscar for best film in 1972 with The Godfather.

Miles Teller will be responsible for giving life to Rouge, in this mini-series which will consist of a total of ten episodes. Filming work has already started, and while there is still no confirmed date, it is expected to debut on the platform in mid-2022. Figures such as those of Juno Temple, Dan fogger (who will play Francis Ford Coppola), and Giovanni Ribisi. Antoine Ippolito will be the one who embodies Al Pacino.

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