The ‘Rocky’ woman bears the hallmark of Halle Berry and Cardi B: this is how the actress transforms for ‘Wound’

Halle berry He has wanted to take a step further in his career and has decided that it is time to stop being alone in front of the cameras. The actress, of 55 years, has the ambition to explore her facet as a filmmaker and that is why she has decided to create for Netflix the movie Wound, a harsh history of self-improvement on a Former Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fall from grace who must face the most complicated challenge of his life: taking care of a son that he did not even know existed.

Berry, winner of a Oscar award, will be the undisputed protagonist of Wound. Her chameleon transformation for the role of Jackie Justice, a former professional MMA fighter who begins to compete in matches clandestine, remember the one who did Charlize Theron for Monster or even to Mickey Rourke for The fighter, although Wound seems to have much more than Million Dollar Baby and the social background of Rocky. In fact, there are already many who call this movie ‘the female rocky‘: it is just as brutal, deep and good.

In addition, Halle Berry is not the only well-known face that participates in this production. Singer Cardi B, whom we have recently seen collaborating on Fast & Furious 9, has also joined the team creative and He has composed the main song of the film with the actress herself.

Both have made a tandem great for composing Bruiser, one of the songs that will sound on the soundtrack. Cardi B herself could not believe her Twitter account: «So guys, I can’t believe I met Halle Berry … And tell me to tell you that her skin is so soft … I wanted to bite her shoulder. Bruiser November 19 arrives», The singer tweeted.

Wound is coming to Netflix on November 19 in USA and in Spain we will have to wait another week, until November 24, to have it available on the platform.

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The ‘Rocky’ woman bears the hallmark of Halle Berry and Cardi B: this is how the actress transforms for ‘Wound’