The resurrection of Brendan Fraser

Actor. He has won awards, nominations and critics thanks to The Whaletape in which he gives life to a professor with morbid obesity.

For many, the return of Brendan Fraser to the big screen in The Whale (The whale) is a kind of resurrection. He was applauded at the Venice Film Festival and in the Choice Awardsand it has just been nominated for best leading actor at the Oscars 2023. No doubt she’s back in the spotlight hollywood through the big door.

The Whale is the story of Charlie, a literature professor who teaches online. His students have never seen him because his computer’s camera is broken. Although that’s just an excuse. Charlie doesn’t want anyone to look at him, because he feels like a monster. Weight 272 kilos. He knows that his physical appearance can only generate rejection.

Fraser, 54 years old and with remembered titles such as The Mummy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, To hell with the devil, Crashamong others, has taken this “triumphant return” very calmly and downplays that repeated phrase.

“I can understand it, but the only thing I feel and that matters to me is the happiness of having a job. If you’re also lucky enough to share the set with a handful of talented people, then the work takes on an extra value, an artistic dimension.”he said in a recent interview with

The Whale.  It still does not have a release date in Peru.  Photo: diffusion

The Whale. It still does not have a release date in Peru. Photo: diffusion

In this interview, in one of the luxurious halls of the Ausonia Hungaria Hotel on the Venice Lido, the actor also calmly takes –and smiles– what could be his first Oscar. “I’ll quote Herman Melville: ‘I don’t know everything that’s to come, but whatever comes, I’ll go laughing into it.'”

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The resurrection of Brendan Fraser