The remarkable change of Neil Patrick Harris in his first comedy 8 years after ‘How I met your mother’

Whoever played the unforgettable Barney Stinson completely distances himself from the character in his new series for Netflix, ‘Uncoupled’.

Neil Patrick Harris is about to return to a comedy as the lead. It will do it hand in hand with Netflix, eight years later having said goodbye forever how I Met Your Mother and with a character who, luckily, It has nothing to do with Barney Stinson. Although she wears a suit and lives in New Yorkyes, so seeing him in the first trailer released by the streaming platform may bring back some memories.

As Netflix announced this week, the new comedy is called Uncoupled and it will be released on friday July 29 of this year. Likewise, we also know that the new fiction is developed by Darren Star, a well-known name among the creators of the small screen for being the creator of sex in new york and that the famous Emily in Paris has also signed for Netflix. He is accompanied on the task by Jeffrey Richman, whose past em modern-family and Frasier may be able to add a few classic sitcom elements to the equation, but the reality is that Uncoupled little or nothing to do with the unforgettable how I Met Your Mother that brought so much popularity to the charismatic Neil Patrick Harris.

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This is ‘Uncoupled’, the new comedy by Neil Patrick Harris

In Uncoupled, Neil Patrick Harris plays Michaela single man who “thought his life was perfect until his husband,” hedge fund expert Colin, played by Tuc Watkins from the boys in the band“she surprises him walking out the door to not return after 17 years of relationship”.

Overnight, Michael has to deal with two nightmares: losing who he thought was his soulmate and suddenly seeing himself as a single gay man in his forties in New York City.

Michael, Harris’s new character, usually wears a suit and tie, but has nothing to do with Barney Stinson. Far from being a flirt willing to deceive anyone with the aim of taking her to bed, Michael is presented with a broken heart and many insecurities that he will have to face, although also in a comedy key, yes.

They complete the cast of Uncoupled Tisha Campbell as Michael’s business partner Suzanne; Emerson Brooks as television weather forecaster Billy; Brooks Ashmanskas as art dealer Stanley; and recurring guest star Marcia Gay Harden as Claire, a socialite from Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

For his part, Harris, who returns to work for Netflix after his role as Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events, also serves as an executive producer for the series.

Leaving Barney Stinson behind

“I think of Barney as the weird anti-superhero who, when he failed, just made up a story to make him succeed,” Harris recently told The Guardian as he reflected on his career as a performer.

He does not defend the character or his actions, but he did not hesitate to ensure that he looks at Ted’s story not as a 100% real story, but as exactly that, as a story.: “My position with how I Met Your Mother is that not everything was real. The structure of the series is the Ted of the future telling the story to his children. While he’s doing it, he’s dramatizing the story and he’s talking about this friend of his who was his sidekick, his colleague, the guy who always wanted to party and have fun and make every experience a great event.”

“Some people may be offended in hindsight and there’s not much you can do about it.. But the experience of doing that series for nine seasons was a very good energy, there was never a feeling of doing anything with bad intention, “he added.

However, after his departure from the series, the actor completely distanced himself from the character with very different projects and absolutely different genres. And we are already looking forward to seeing him do comedy again.

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The remarkable change of Neil Patrick Harris in his first comedy 8 years after ‘How I met your mother’