The reasons why Daniel Craig does not want to leave an inheritance when he dies

In the latest installment of the series of films about the international spy ‘James Bond’, he got a contract for about 25 million dollars, that is, around 97 billion Colombian pesos.

The protagonist of ‘No time to die’ has amassed wealth in his 30-year acting career, but has expressed in recent years that he does not want to leave an inheritance to his two children. The interpreter has assured that multimillion-dollar inheritances are in bad taste.

According to an interview for the entertainment magazine ‘Candis Magazine’, the actor has a strict philosophy regarding wealth and the importance of not giving all the fruit of his work to his children when he dies.

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“There is an old adage about it, if you die a rich man you have failed”Craig explained according to the English newspaper ‘The Times of London’. He added that Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in England, had donated before his death about 11 billion dollars for the current value of the coin. That is, about 42 billion Colombian pesos to change at this moment.

He explained that it seems in bad taste to leave a millionaire inheritance for his children in any circumstance. Craig has two daughters, the eldest 30 and the other three years old, and his wife, fellow actress Rachel Weisz, has a teenage son from a previous union.

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The 53-year-old actor has a net worth of $160 million.

Nevertheless, he argues that all his money should be disposed of or it should be donated mostly to charity. He is not the only millionaire to express this philosophy, even Bill Gates, the tech mogul, has expressed a similar interest in devoting his income to scientific research and philanthropy.

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For his part, ‘James Bond’ explained that he would leave enough money for his children so that they never had to worry, but not so that they never had to work. Likewise, it has been recommended by the billionaire businessman Warren Buffet, who assures that wealth should be used to strengthen philanthropic projects.

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The reasons why Daniel Craig does not want to leave an inheritance when he dies