The Power of the Dog: Benedict Cumberbatch is a very mean cowboy in the Netflix trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch is decidedly the less lovable cowboy of the Wild West in the Netflix trailer for The Power of the Dog.

In February 2017, while Benedict Cumberbatch was the guest of Saturday Night Live, the latter had the right to a sketch entitled “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot ? “where Beck Benett, then a permanent member of the SNL, wondered about Cumberbatch’s sex appeal that he couldn’t understand. A legitimate question when we see how the Briton was propelled to the heights of Hollywood in nearly a decade.

A decade in which Inspector Holmes will have performed in very different genres and registers, nevertheless playing relatively few roles of “villains”, “villains”. We can barely count his role as Smaug in the trilogy of The Hobbits, Khan’s in Star Trek Into Darkness and his distant cousin Shere Khan in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. A trio to which we can now add Phil Burbank, the odious character at the center of the story of The Power of the Dog which seems even more obnoxious in the latest trailer tossed out by Netflix.

Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) et George (Jesse Plemons) sont two brothers with completely opposite temperaments who inherited a ranch in Montana at the turn of the 20th century. Their relationship cracks when George decides to bond with Rose Gordon, a local widow accompanied by her son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee), for whom Phil will feed a growing animosity

Landscapes that resonate with the internal landscapes of the characters, human relationships stirred by passions and tension … After a first mysterious teaser, the film asserts itself as a slow phagocytosis of the life of George, Rose and Peter by Phil, cruel and intelligent manipulator.

Grand Galop meets Le Grand Silence

After winning the Silver Lion for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival 2021, The Power of The Dog smells like the beast at Oscars. But even more, it is above all the opportunity to find Jane Campion (The Piano Lesson, Top of the Lake) at the helm of a feature film after years of absence from the big screen.

Cumberbatch visibly intends to indulge in the exercise of the narcissistic pervert in stetson with all the restraint and muffled cruelty that this kind of role demands. Which will surely not prevent Plemons, Dunst or McPhee from straying our eyes in this rotten quartet from within. See you on December 1st on Netflix to finally find a valid reason to be able to hate a being as perfect as Cumberbatch.

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The Power of the Dog: Benedict Cumberbatch is a very mean cowboy in the Netflix trailer