The photo of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore that everyone appreciates

One of Hollywood’s best-known friendships is that of Drew Barrymore y Cameron Diaz. The two actresses (who together with Lucy Liu led the film series Charlie’s Angels) often boast of the thread that binds them, and more than once they have dedicated photographs and beautiful texts through social networks. This Wednesday, Drew uploaded a photo of both together with the caption “Bestie hour with my bestie poo poo“, Which would be something like”best time with my best poo poo”, Referring to the nickname with which they affectionately call each other.

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In the snapshot the artists they looked beautiful and elegant, something that should not be surprising in either of them. Cameron Diaz, who blew out 49 candles on his last birthday, was staring at her bright red lips and smoky eyes, while Barrymore, 45, had simpler makeup and ruby ​​lipstick. However, the detail that caught the attention of many users, as expressed in the comments, is that no filters had been used for the image. They showed their beauty in the most natural way, trying to put aside the artificial universe that exists through social networks, where many things are not what they appear.

“It’s refreshing to see them age gracefully“wrote a user under the photo.”I love that they are so natural without botox or fillers “,” How beautiful “Aging gracefully without plastic surgery”, “I love this beauty without filters, without additives, this is what the social network needs” are some of the dozens of comments that you can find. A barrage of applause that shows how much the public also appreciates this breath of truth, of two stars assuming the passage of time without excessive touch-ups and fillings. Others even asked for more content of that style on social networks and, in general, the photo was filled with positive opinions. Something that seems quite a feat, since hatred is often the one that dominates in these types of platforms.

Be careful, that in the past, at least one, has had its touch-ups. With great honesty, Cameron Diaz admitted in 2014 to having injected Botox, but decided not to do it again. His face changed in a strange way he did not recognize himself in the mirror, and then he affirmed that he would rather grow old than fulfill years with a face that did not belong to him.

For its part, Drew Barrymore, who we’ve literally seen grow up on screen, spoke this year about surgery. He said that so far a touch-up had never been done in the face and that you would like not to. In spite of everything, he left the door open with a classic “never say Never”. If we stop to read between the lines, with such a spontaneous gesture, appearing without filters and letting its wrinkles naturally reflect the passage of time, Drew and Cameron slap the table on industry stereotypes around them, where women are required to immortal beauty, making it clear that they are there, natural, without resorting to fashionable treatments to support the unreal image that Hollywood sells.

Considering that actresses and other celebrities are under constant pressure from your body, for possible natural effects of the passage of time such as wrinkles or blemishes, these Charlie’s Angels want remove complexes to other women, famous or not, so that they do not forget that they are all beautiful, without the need for a scalpel.

It should be noted that Drew Barrymore is still active, but taking a break from acting, through her own talk show that already prepares second season. Nevertheless, Cameron Diaz happily lives his retirement from the seventh art, dedicating herself fully to her family life with her husband and daughter, as well as to her new facet as a wine entrepreneur and writer. Without going any further, Cameron published a book in 2015 titled Love your body on his learned knowledge about health and nutrition, and a year later he released The longevity book, on the art and science of aging.

Undoubtedly, the four-time Golden Globe candidate will be able to afford not to work in Hollywood, and enjoy everything she has garnered thanks to blockbusters such as The mask, something’s wrong with Mary O Gangs of New York. In addition, the problem of find a role according to your age; a well-known cliché in the film industry, especially from the 40s, as Salma Hayek makes popco clear. In addition to the disputes to get an equal salary. Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Jane Fonda, Helena Bonham Carter or Sharon Stone are some of the actresses who have raised their voices in this regard.

Fortunately, more and more artists are defending natural beauty, not just on social media, but also on his shootings. Kate Winslet, for example, personally saw to it that do not retouch your face digitally in the promotional images of Mare of Eastown, released this summer on HBO. She even explained in an interview that in a sex scene she was seen as a michelin and that the director wanted to eliminate it, but she forbade it.

Others, like Lady Gaga, Luna Dunham o Rumer Willis They have denounced that, without their consent, photos of themselves were retouched for magazine covers, to the point of not recognizing themselves. In Spain we find similar situations with Blanca Suárez or Inma Cuesta, among others. The latter criticized how there comes a time when others seek perfection for you, and disapproved that their own image could be in the hands of “people who have an absolutely unreal sense of beauty”.

Without a doubt, Cameron and Drew have taken the chair of naturalness, showing that the scars left by the passage of time reflect experience and reality. What would come to be, in Hollywood, to grow old with elegance and truth.

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