The photo album of Meg Ryan, America’s ex-girlfriend who made out with everyone

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The actress who came up with faking the most famous orgasm in movie history in the movie When Harry found Sally (1989), along with Billy Crystal and directed by Rob Reiner, is turning 60 years old, retiring from the cinema and doing succulent real estate deals, according to what they say on the other side of the pond. Her last screen appearance was in 2015. She had booked a small role in her directorial debut on Ithaca, a film about World War II that, despite having his friends Tom Hanks and Sam Shepard (whom we continue to miss) in the cast, went directly to the video market.

But since we are on our anniversary, let’s turn the page of that failure and remember the best Meg Ryan (Connecticut, November 19, 19561), the one who will always have a place of honor in the hearts of lovers of the romantic comedy genre. She was one of America’s first brides because she starred in some of the most endearing and blockbuster cakes in Hollywood with her naive face, her always-on smile, and those wide, bright eyes. The first cited film, for which it was even nominated for the Golden Globes, was followed by Joe against the volcano (1990), with his beloved Tom Hanks; Spell of a kiss (1992), con Alec Baldwin; Like nail and meat (1993), with his then partner Dennis Quaid whom he had met in the great The prodigious chip (1987); Something to remember (1993), again with Hanks; When a man loves a woman (1994), with Andy García; French Kiss (1995), con Kevin Kline; Addicted to love (1997), con Matthew Broderick; City of Angels (1998), with Nicolas Cage, or the tearful and extremely tender You have an email (1998), third collaboration with Hanks. At this point in the film, it is more than normal that the public felt that she was like family. That of seeing suffering, crying and falling in love on full screen joins more than we think. But Meg Ryan never understood it that way. Moreover, years later she complained that people saw her “as the next door neighbor” and explained that if she put up with it it was because as a journalist – she studied journalism – she believed that she was a privileged witness to everything that was happening around her and that it deserved to be analyzed … In short, reflections of a star.

He also starred in other types of films such as the biopic of The Doors (1991), directed by visionary Oliver Stone, opposite Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. Evocative movie for nostalgic lysergic people. And he shared the bill with Robert Downey Jr., Sam Neill and Hugh Grant, in the British Restoration (1994), a period drama that won two technical Oscars. On Hurlyburly (1998), a reflective drama where everyone gets upset with alcohol and marijuana, gave a reply to Sean Penn (best actor in Venice), Kevin Space and Chaz Palmintieri. And in one of kidnappings where love also floats in the air, Life test (2000), she fell in love with her co-star, Russell Crowe, and dumped her husband Dennis Quaid. What a news! Rivers of ink flowed. I still remember when the angry actor, from promotion in Madrid, prohibited the press from asking him about the affair. I even had to sign a clause with possible consequences if I broke the rule. When he came to the interview, his face of pity said it all. Poor. There is another film that was also talked about a lot and that many of his fans did not forgive him: In the cut (2003). Directed by the Oscar-winning Jane Campion and alongside a young Mark Ruffallo, Meg would shed her clothes and have sex. It was an attempt to change course, but it didn’t go well.

After this brief walk through Meg Ryan’s filmography, what is clear to me is that the blonde has kissed with more than half of Hollywood. And as the touch makes the affection, although the cuddles are false, now I understand why the ex-girlfriend of America has so many good friends. We open his album to remember the best moments with some of them.


Among giants

Meg Ryan, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger chat animatedly during the ShoWest festival in Las Vegas in 1996. The Austrian actor has her enthralled.


His most controversial movie

Meg, on a break from filming In the cut, along with Kevin Bacon. The film, also starring Mark Ruffalo and directed by the Oscar-winning Jane Campion, did not like the followers of the actress for its erotic scenes.


The brown lion

The queen of romantic comedy lived a movie affair off the screens. Fell in love with Russell Crowe shooting the thriller Life test and planted her husband Dennis Quaid. In the image, the newly released couple with the eternal Bowie, in London.


Of laughter

He had a blast listening to his friend Sylvester Stallone, in 1994, in Las Vegas. Who knows what the good guy from ‘Rocky’ was telling him.


Happy Days

With her then-husband, actor Dennis Quaid, and Elton John, celebrating the British musician’s Grammy Legend Award in Los Angeles in 2000.


With Sean Penn and Tim Robbins

With Sean Penn he starred in the addictive Hurlyburly and with Tim Robbins, the titled truño The genius of love. With both he struck up a beautiful friendship, although with Robbins there was talk of romance. It was never confirmed. Pictured together at a charity gala in 2001.


From the hand of a great

Along with visionary filmmaker Oliver Stone, Meg starred in the biopic The Doors with Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. Actress and director got on wonderfully.


The perfect couple

Tom Hanks is one of his great friends. Along with him, she has starred in the highest-grossing romantic comedies (Joe against the volcano, Something to remember, You have an email) and featured him in her directorial debut: Ithaca.


With the queen of hearts

At the London premiere of When Harry found Sally, in 1989, greeting Lady Di as required by protocol.


With his other best friend

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The photo album of Meg Ryan, America’s ex-girlfriend who made out with everyone