The particular attitude of Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the line


Oscar-winning actor for joker he headlined the 2005 film directed by James Mangold opposite Reese Witherspoon.

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The life of Johnny Cash and his historical partner, june carterwas brought to the cinema in a wonderful way by james mangold. In walk the linethe director who would later lead the threads of productions such as Ford vs. ferrari Y Logan recounted the life of this pair of musicians whose relationship had many twists and turns that mainly affected the singer’s psyche. To recreate this dynamic, joaquin phoenix and Reese Witherspoon They were the chosen ones.

With completely opposite actuation systems, both joaquin phoenix What Reese witherspoon were nominated for The academy for the work done in walk the line. Of the two, Reese witherspoon was the one that ended up being recognized with a statuette that phoenix he was elusive until in 2019 he starred in joker of Todd Phillips. “Joaquin is completely a method actor”assured the director of photography of walk the line, Phedon Papamichaelin an interview with Look who I found.

Recounting what it was like working with joaquin phoenix on the set of walk the line, papamichael remembered: “It’s incredibly intense, think in the moment, in character. He doesn’t get out of character.”. Later, he revealed a peculiarity about how this artist applies the method: “In pre-production we went out together, we went to bars and we told him: ‘Joaquin. Joaquin…’. At one point, two weeks into shooting, james mangold He came up to me and said: ‘Joaquin asked me if we could tell him JR’you know, the way people told Johnny Cash.

The problem is that habit and the bond prior to filming meant that, at times, Phedon Papamichael get confused and call the actor by his name. “I kept saying to him: ‘Joaquin, can you stand on this mark?’, I would do it and then I would see him explode, get angry with himself, ‘I still answer. I still answer!’ He still answered to that name. In his mind he blocked any presence of the filmmakers, the technical team or any artificial element ”counted.

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as we told you, walk the line is the love story between Johnny Cash and June Carter, telling mainly from the vision of the musician whose childhood was very complicated and who was constantly haunted by the ghosts of his dead brother and his father. If you still haven’t seen this great production of james mangold or you want to give it a new opportunity, you can do it with a Star+ (Disney+ if you do it from Spain).

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The particular attitude of Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the line