The original ending of ‘Don’t worry dear’ is much better than what was seen in theaters: this is how the science fiction film ended before the arrival of Olivia Wilde

A highly commented film in recent weeks has been ‘Don’t worry, my dear’, the second feature film directed by Olivia Wilde. The film is based on a script written by Katie Silvermanbut the truth is that there was a previous version quite different from the one that has reached our screens, the changes during its last act being especially striking.

Finally, they only appear credited as co-authors of the story with Silberman, but the original version of it written by Carey and Shane Van Dyke It was highly applauded at the time. However, the signing of Wilde to bring it to the big screen was accompanied by the hiring of Silberman, with whom he had already collaborated in ‘Super Nerds’, to remake it to his liking.

The new version of the story enhanced the female perspective, incidentally adding concepts such as the Victory Project or the character played by Chris Pine, but when it comes to the ending I think it was a mistake to change it basically completely, since the Van Dykes was much better than the one we finally saw on screen. By the way, obviously this article is going to contain spoilers from here on out.

This was the original ending

In the original script, the protagonist, who was named Evelyn instead of Alice, discovers a portal that leads to the real world in a house for sale that was used as a decoy. Once there she discovers that she is in 2050 and finds a divorce certificate in her apartment.

In addition, in a futuristic computer he finds information about a company called Alt-Life in which there is a world in cyberspace like the one she was trapped in. To gain access to it, the man has to fake the death of her wife and unite her with her machine so that she lives that experience with him. He then finds articles about her disappearance and how she ended the search, but then he hears how her husband (here named Clifford instead of Jack) comes home, so he connects from world to world. fifties

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Her husband eventually discovers her plans and, with the help of other men, takes her to the hospital for shock treatment. She pretends that everything is back to “normal” but one night she attacks her husband, who initially plays dumb but ends up confessing when she tries to shove a broomstick up his ass.

He finally confesses and says that he just wanted them to be happy again, well her work had become the most important thing and causing her divorce. He finally reveals to her the location of the portal inside her house and she returns to the future, while he breaks free of her. Shortly after they confront each other again in the future and she ends up stabbing her husband.

Don't Worry Dear Scene

Things are further complicated by her waking up again in the 1950s, as Olivia Wilde’s character, here called Betsy instead of Bunny, finds her unconscious and him dead. Some time later, the protagonist she wakes up in a hospital, where they tell her that she killed her husband and dreamed of that future with empowered women.

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The protagonist is locked up in a psychiatric hospital, where he receives a visit from Betsy, whom he cannot convince of what happened. However, before she leaves, she whispers in his ear that there is a portal to the future right behind them. Betsy leaves and the script ends with Alice starting to head towards a door…

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The original ending of ‘Don’t worry dear’ is much better than what was seen in theaters: this is how the science fiction film ended before the arrival of Olivia Wilde