‘The Office’: John Krasinski’s confession about Jim and Pam’s first kiss

There are actors who have a thousand faces and it is clear that John Krasinski is one of them, going from being the endearing and funny Jim Halpert in ‘The Office‘to a family man who lives in a land invaded by wild beasts in’A peaceful place‘.

Although ‘A Quiet Place’ may seem more prone to having terrifying moments on set, it seems that John is more than clear that there is a moment in ‘The Office’ that gave him real terror. The actor in an interview on the podcast The Office Deep Bive He has confessed it.

This is a great moment for the series, since It is about that first kiss that all the fans of the series were waiting between Jim and Pam. Although yes, the result of that kiss could not be more bitter.

This is how John remembers how he experienced the preparation for that scene: “I remember there was a great energy around those moments. I certainly remember that big kiss, no one was on set, no one was around the service table, but I had no idea that this was going to happen“.

And to this he adds: “So I went in determined to joke with some colleagues and they didn’t want to have eye contact with me“.

Later on, he continues: “I don’t even remember seeing the set before going in. It was all very strange and I’m sure that for a better actor, I’d think that’s just what I needed”, to this John also comments that before recording I was “nervous … I was very scared“.

“I had no idea of ​​anything about that world, so much so that I didn’t know what I could go to my dressing room to mentally prepare for about 30 minutes for it. So then I got even more scared. Then you start thinking, ‘Oh God, I haven’t done my homework and she has done it!’ “, He ends up explaining.

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‘The Office’: John Krasinski’s confession about Jim and Pam’s first kiss