The Northman: Ethan Hawke surrenders to Robert Eggers

Imagine how many films he has Ethan Hawke in his carrer. He is an actor who has gone through different genres, styles and stories. Soon, his most recent film will hit theaters, a piece that he had as director Robert Eggers. We are talking about north man (The Northman), a film that, in addition to having the talent of Ethan Hawkealso has figures such as Alexander Skarsgard Y Nicole Kidman. A lot of attention with that film, which aspires to important things.

In a recent interview, the also protagonist of The death poet Society revealed various details about the shoot. He didn’t tell anecdotes about actors or anything similar, but instead focused all his attention on the rebellious and ambitious stance of the director. Hawke is impressed by the direction of Eggers, who, despite his youth, has given us some brutal jewels. For example, he is the same mind behind The lighthouse Y The witcha film that is as disturbing as it is great.

Since we saw the The Northman trailer, we knew that this was not going to be another feature film about Vikings. who does not know Robert Eggers could fall into that error, especially because we are at a time where there is a fascination for the stories about the Nordic peoples. Proof of this, the launch of television series such as Vikings: Valhallawhich uses the fame that garnered highly popular series such as the History Channel.

What did Ethan Hawke say about Robert Eggers?

In north man, Ethan Hawke He was subjected to a totally new experience, which was pleasant and special. Eggers directed the film not as a filmmaker trying to sell you an idea, but as a creator who lets the story roll into something great. The Hollywood star really sensed the director’s desire to do something big with this feature film. He even made a comparison of the film with ApocalypseNow.

“A lot of filmmaking is people trying to sell you something. I’ve spent my life wondering if I could ever be on a project like apocalypse now. You know, someone is trying. They have the nerve, the arrogance to say: ‘I want to do a masterpiece. I’m going to write a film about Vikings with an Icelandic poet. And shoot it in a way that a movie has never been choreographed before.’ So for me, just seeing someone make a change like that, you know, it’s like jumping from a very high place, ”she specified in an interview for The New Yorker.

hawke is an authoritative voice to speak about the way movies are made in Hollywood. He really knows how the machinery works. Recently, we saw him participate in the ambitious Disney + television series, Moon Knight, next to another great star of the moment, Oscar Isaac. Also, he was part of Zeros and Ones, The black telephone, Tesla, The truth Y Mercilessly, to mention a few productions. Likewise, he has shared projects with great directors.

Praise continues for Robert Eggers

Anya Taylor-Joy re-collaborates with Robert Eggers

In a conversation with TotalFilmthe actor also expressed his admiration for the way of directing Robert Eggers. Ethan Hawke don’t think anyone has ever made a movie like north man, a film that swims in different waters. In addition, he greatly appreciated the director’s interest in creating a “masterpiece”, a film that will be remembered for not following conventional paths. Apparently, the risks were worth it, since the journalistic criticism is giving it good marks.

“It was incredible. It is incredibly rare to see someone strive for the level of excellence that Robert strives for. The level of discipline and aspirations were through the roof to make a good movie. He was trying to make a phenomenal piece of art. I mean, he was pushing himself and all of us to the limit. And frankly, I loved him, ”he detailed.

One of the challenges of The north man is historical accuracy, but we know that Robert Eggers It is characterized by taking extreme care in these details. The epic fantasy film marks a new collaboration with young actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who has established herself in the industry as one of the biggest talents of her generation. In addition to starring The witchhas other quite successful films like Peaky Blinders and, of course, the Queen’s Gambit.

What is it about north man?

Northman scene
The film will be released on April 22, 2022

Next, we share the official synopsis of north mana film that will hit theaters on April 22, 2022.

“From the visionary director Robert Eggers arrives north manan epic action-packed adventure that chronicles the quest of a Viking prince to avenge the murder of his father”, we can read in the synopsis of Eggers’ first film outside the horror genre.

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The Northman: Ethan Hawke surrenders to Robert Eggers