The North Water: the maritime thriller with Colin Farrell reveals images and a date

Colin Farrell is back on the small screen for The North Water which unveiled new frozen images and a release date.

Irish actor Colin Farrell was already tried on the small screen, but he hadn’t sparked on his first try with the much-criticized second season of True Detective, poor recovery after a season 1 of high flight (well, not for all the editorial staff). Since then, Farrell had rather returned to the side of the big screen, especially for Yorgos Lanthimos with The Lobster and Killing of the sacred deer or for the Harry Potter universe with Fantastic Beasts.

But the actor returns to television for a miniseries in development for several years already: The North Water. And this time it’s the right one and the Andrew Haigh series was revealed through new photos and with a release date bonus.

Iceberg straight ahead

We were already talking about it at the end of 2020, the series The North Water created by Andrew Haigh (The OA, 45 years old) is an adaptation of the eponymous book by Ian McGuire which relates a whaling expedition in arctic waters in the 19th century. In this frozen universe, Colin Farrell will play the role of Henry Drax, an extremely violent whaler. At his side, we will find Jack O’Connell (Skins, Invincible) who will lend his features to Patrick Sumner, a disgraced former military surgeon.

The BBC-produced miniseries will consist of five episodes all shot in the waters of northern Norway. The North Water is one of the rare productions to have gone so high on the globe for his shots. Attention to detail that is felt through the chilling images. Icebergs and expanses of ice are to be expected and we risk taking plenty of peepers.

photo, The North Water, Jack O'Connell

photo, The North Water

photo, The North Water, Tom Courtenay

photo, The North Water, Jack O'Connell

photo, The North Water

Not a bunch of freshwater sailors

The footage also exposes a harsh world with bearded sailors who look like not very affable old sea dogs. A hostile environment that risks boiling violence under the ice, and with everything stuck on a boat lost at the end of the world, it could explode. The rest of the cast are Stephen Graham (This Is England, HHhH), Tom Courtenay (45 years old, Doctor Zhivago), Peter Mullan (Westworld, War Horse), Sam Spruell (Minesweepers, The Voices) and Roland Møller (Atomic Blonde, Skyscraper).

The North Water should land in the United States on July 15 on AMC +, but for the moment, no French broadcaster has been announced. While waiting to learn more, you can always check out Colin Farrell’s next project, Love Child.