The Netflix actor who could replace Henry Cavill in Superman

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Jacob Elordi is a young performer with a booming career, after his participation in The Kissing Stand, many suggest him as Superman.

Henry Cavill©GettyHenry Cavill

Discovery Warner is ready to give more importance to Superman in the words of its CEO, David Zaslav, who has been very critical of how the company has used the character in the past after the premieres of Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and the two versions of Justice League. It is clear that they want to return to giving preponderance to Last Son of Kryptonbut… will it still be Henry Cavill the person in charge of personifying it?

At that time the race Henry Cavill experienced a meteoric rise with projects such as the series of netflix the witcher and the remake of mountain dweller where he will bring to life an immortal Scot who fights for a mysterious prize. Likewise, the actor has always shown interest in returning to the DC Extended Universe. In his own words: “I have the suit hanging in the closet. »

A new Superman?

Meanwhile, the imagination of many fans keeps running and they are already suggesting other alternatives to interpret the Steel man. A proper name that is read a lot on social networks is that of Jacob Elordiwhich has in its credits The kissing booth Yes euphoria. His age and his physical condition are arguments in favor of this interpreter, even if nothing official has sounded in this regard.

Influencer Ryan Unicomb, who has over 26,000 followers on Instagram, suggested the Aussie as a natural candidate: “If they want to do the long-awaited revival of the Superman character for the big screen, they must think that Jacob Elordi should be in the deliberations. Popular, but not a well-known man. Under 30, tall, with a wide variety of interpretation (see Euphoria)”.

After seeing a doctored image where you can see Jacob Elordi in the skin of Superman Many users were excited about the possibility of the actor playing the DC Comics hero, although there were also opposing opinions. One person expressed: Sorry, this actor is too young to be Superman. Henry Cavill will always be the hero. End of the story “eloquent!

Meanwhile, in DC, they are preparing two separate projects, each with a Superman different african american. One of them will be produced by the famous filmmaker JJ Abrams in the best style joker by Joaquin Phoenix, in front of the DC Extended Universe. For its part, Michael B Jordan is developing another hero-centric product, but for hbo-max. It is unknown if he will be the main character of this film and if he will be in the DCEU.

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The Netflix actor who could replace Henry Cavill in Superman