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In January 2019, Clint Eastwood presents his new film: “The Mule”. One of the great features of the feature film is that it marks the great return of the director in front of the camera. At the age of 90, this is the first time he has returned as an actor since 2012. Discover his preparation to step into the shoes of his character.

The mule : the big return of Clint Eastwood in front of the camera

For his 38th achievement, Clint Eastwood has decided to tackle the true story of Leo Sharp (Earl Stone in the film). This veteran of the Second World War became, in the 1980s, Sinaloa Cartel’s oldest and most prolific drug runner. Aged 90, this man decided to become a mule to earn as much money as possible before turning the gun to the left. The mule was also an opportunity for Clint Eastwood to talk about the notion of family, and to stage his own regrets in relation to his children and his wives, whom he always put in the background during his long career.

Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood) – The Mule ©Warner Bros

The mule also mark Clint Eastwood’s return to the camera. This is the first time he has decided to play comedy again since 2012 in A new chance. Visibly, The mule was a positive experience, since the actor/director reiterated dual hat status in his latest film: Cry Macho. In addition to Clint Eastwood, the cast of The mule also brings together Laurence Fishburne, Michael Pena or even Bradley Cooper who returns in an Eastwood film after the excellent american sniper. It is also worth noting the presence of Alison Eastwood. A surprise for the latter who hadn’t played with his dad since The Tightrope in 1985. She was then 11 years old.

Clint Eastwood is in great shape

At 90, one wonders if Clint Eastwood still has the strength to be both in front of and behind the camera simultaneously. against all odds, the filmmaker is in great shape. Clint Eastwood even aged to get into Earl’s skin, who is believed to be the same age as him. Clint Eastwood documented himself to step into the shoes of the old man, as he declared in the press kit for The mule :

I’ve been through a lot so much that I can understand some of it. His passion for daylilies (perennials) surprised me, but I made the connection to my grandfather’s work raising chickens. To a certain extent, I modeled the character of Earl on him and on his physique, in particular his gait of an elderly man.

Earl StoneClint Eastwood
Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood) – The Mule ©Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper, when the film was released, wanted highlight the excellent physical shape of Clint Eastwood. Apparently, the director is still a young man, both physically and intellectually:

What’s great about Clint is that at 88, he had to play with being old because he’s so fit. Clint jumps out of his chair like a kangaroo, but Earl doesn’t. It was fun to watch him behave like an old man, precisely because he is still a real athlete.

It’s quite reassuring to know that at this age, Clint Eastwood is still in Olympic form. As for The mule, the film proved to be a definite critical success, both with the press and with spectators. At the box office, the feature film brought in more than $174 million at the box office (for a budget of 50 million).

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The Mule: Clint Eastwood has aged for the needs of the role – CinéSéries