The minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed how the wedding went and detailed why he was surprised

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in a small ceremony and they did not want to be under the cameras of the press. Both said yes in Las Vegas and the details that were known so far were the ones that the couple had decided to show. That moment, when they were in front of each other and pronounced their vows, was special, as JLo said, proof that “love is patient”, since almost two decades passed before they could reach the altar. Now, it was the minister who married them, Ryan Wolfe, who spoke with People about the nuptials that took place in a chapel on Saturday night

The senior pastor of Grace Christian Center said that JLo and Ben did not follow the script in the vows, since they wanted to say something special to each other. “They had their own words and they were beautiful.” In the impression of him the moment was very emotional and love was the true protagonist.

On July 16, chapel employees had a busy night as they organized five weddings at 9 p.m. Suddenly, according to Wolfe’s account, a worker and the wedding planner were starting to close up when an SUV pulled up. From there, Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, got off. Her decision was not thought through. “I guess we can do one more,” recalls Wolfe. He knew the actor couple, but was impressed because, he explained, “you don’t expect to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walk in the door every day.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married over the weekend in Las Vegas

Wolfe led them to the areas where they could change. Jennifer opted for a design by Lebanese Zuhair Murad and Affleck for a white tuxedo with black pants. After getting ready, they sat in the hall and the impression to the pastor at that time was that they looked very familiar.

The actress was going to change in the break room, and as Wolfe escorted Affleck somewhere away from the audience, he insisted he didn’t need anything fancy. “She walked down the aisle with the traditional ‘Here comes the bride’ with flowers.”. After reciting their vows, the pastor gave them his blessing. “It was a beautiful wedding,” he noted.

Only two other people attended the ceremony: Lopez’s 14-year-old daughter, Emme, as well as Seraphina., one of Affleck’s three children. “Her children of hers were there and they were the witnesses. Now they have to be 18 for it to be legal, but I allowed them to sign their souvenir document. Of course, our coordinator had to be the official one.”

Jennifer Lopez's daughter at her mother's wedding to Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez’s daughter at her mother’s wedding to Ben Affleck

The daughters were excited, they had a good relationship and you could tell they were very happy”, added the pastor. They were also the ones who took the photos and recorded the ceremony that ended after midnight and then, of course, they took hundreds of images in Elvis’s pink Cadillac in the chapel, just with their phones.

In your newsletter, On the JLO, Jennifer Lopez said that the ceremony was what she had always dreamed of. “When love is real, the only thing that matters in marriage is each other and the promise we make to love, care, understand, be patient, love and be good to each other. We had that. And so much more,” she wrote. “Best night of our lives,” she added.

Based on all this, Wolfe believes that JLO and Affleck are soul mates: “They are made for each other”.

The big celebration is coming soon as the newlyweds prepare for a wedding with all the seasonings. which would take place on Ben’s property in Riceboro, Georgia. There will be celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, as well as his friends and family. It would be three days of celebrations that would extend to St. Simon Island, with a landscape of beaches in all its splendor.

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The minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed how the wedding went and detailed why he was surprised