The microbikini with which Megan Fox broke the summer trends | PHOTOS

The trends in bathing suits for this one summer They never cease to amaze us and with a long list of options to use due to the heat and the upcoming holiday season, Megan fox It came to give a new fashion lesson that all young women should follow to always look radiant and spectacular. According to the actress, the ideal thing for this time of year is to join the fever of micro bikini and make him the most revealing bet.

PHOTOS: Megan Fox shines in a risky green bikini

Through his official Instagram account, Megan fox shared a new one Photoshoot with which she was crowned as the most beautiful and the best dressed of the summer, since for the occasion she decided to wear a micro bikini which, according to her and a long list of celebrities, is the obsession of this 2023 and that no woman should miss to show off her figure and attract all eyes. To do this, she opted to take the trend to the next level with a cute green color which has many qualities such as:

From a tree, thus she squandered beauty. (Photo: IG @meganfox)
  • help you look stylish
  • highlight tan
  • Maintain a discreet and modern style

In the photos that caused a sensation on Instagram, the 37-year-old celebrity can be seen demonstrating that this micro and revealing style is perfect to wear even before 40 and that there are several tricks to follow so as not to lose that elegant image that the season deserves. The ideal is to bet on a two-piece design that maintains a traditional Touch, such as a triangular cut on the top, with which to achieve a style that never goes out of style.

The same garment plays an important role and it is that it also allows you to show off an iconic “V” neckline, in addition to adding to the “micro” fever it is possible to show off the most sensual side of the figure, which is completed with a extra small pantyhose and that stands out for a thong-type design, as well as a Brazilian style with which the body is almost exposed. This way megan fox left clearly what is the bet to show off the results of the gym with a mini waist, flat stomach and abdomen of steel.

The actress wowed her fans with this swimsuit. (Photo: IG @meganfox)

With her iconic photo session, the model also made it clear that all of the above is not enough to make a splash this summer and that is why she revolutionized the trends of the moment with panties that, although they are Brazilian, have lateral straps that imitate high waisted ones. In this way the entire figure is favored thanks to an effect of kilometric legs with which to look taller.

So you can wear a green bikini this summer, according to Megan Fox

In addition to carrying the micro bikini Fashion, Megan fox he took advantage of his style lesson to make it clear that green is ideal to achieve that essential tropical image at this time of year; however, she did it his way by dictating that a swimsuit as chic as this one should also stand out for a print with which to finish setting the style. Would you steal the look?

Her micro bikini also stands out for a geometric print. (Photo: IG @meganfox)

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The microbikini with which Megan Fox broke the summer trends | PHOTOS