The message Josh O’Connor sent to Anya Taylor-Joy after watching Lady’s Gambit

Josh O’Connor and Anya Taylor-Joy have met virtually in a new edition of ” Actors on Actors « from Variety and discussed their respective careers. The interpreter of Carlos in The Crown recalled the time with the Argentine actress in the casting of Emma and revealed the message he sent to his ex-partner after seeing Lady’s Gambit. View!

Both artists gained public notoriety for their performances on Netflix series, but previously had shared cast in film based on Jane Austen’s novel. During the event, Anya recalled the support he felt from Josh while filming.

The message Josh OConnor sent to Anya Taylor Joy after watching

“A leap into the void” by Yves Klein

“I remember in Emma, ​​I had a few moments where I said, Josh, I don’t think I could do that. It’s too much and I can’t. And you showed me this amazing photo of the man jumping out the window and the people under him. , supporting him ” , said the actress in reference to the iconic image of Yves Klein.

The message Josh O’Connor sent to Anya Taylor-Joy after watching Lady’s Gambit

The good relationship between the two remained after the movie, but they didn’t speak to each other again until after the premiere of Dama’s Gambit. There, the actor of The Crown was amazed by his colleague and sent him a message. “It was my favorite TV show while in lockdown and I told you. I texted you. I absolutely loved it, and what I find amazing. You look so fresh and in control. “said the 31-year-old Briton.

Taylor-Joy thanked the compliment and also highlighted the artist’s work. In this regard, he asked if putting yourself in the shoes of a real person was particularly difficult. O’Connor replied: “Prince Charles is complicated. I think you have to part ways with its real version to capture something unique or different. This is where the sacrifice you sometimes have to make lies ”.

The original Buenos Aires actress also admitted that she won’t miss Beth as she doesn’t think that “Will never go away”. In turn, he indicated that he had taken the last months to rest, but that in August he will return to the ring to stop only in mid-2023. Mad, a prequel to Mad Max directed by George Miller.

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