‘The Mercenaries 3’: a new old-fashioned action party that misses the historic duel between Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson

The action heroes Hollywood were in danger of extinction when ‘The Mercenaries’ hit theaters in 2010. Superheroes had taken their supremacy from them, something that no doubt helped this gathering of old genre stars have a positive reception from the public.

Just two years later came the second installment, my personal favorite of the saga, whose impact was even greater. Hence ‘Los Mercenarios 3’, a film that tonight is broadcast on Cuatro From 10:15 p.m., it followed the same path, landing in theaters in 2014. Of course, with a main difference with respect to its predecessors, because here cuts were made in the original montage to get a more favorable age rating, something that did not sit well with the fans.

One step back

For my part, I do not think that reducing violent content is a problem, since ‘Los Mercenarios 3’ is still very generous in that section, with the particularity that it still saves being more graphic at certain times. Yes, own Sylvester Stallone he recognized shortly after that it was a mistake and the truth is that the film does not gain anything with that change either.

What doesn’t quite work as well is indecision that shows the film when it comes to opting for a more serious approach, as happened in the first installment, or giving a greater presence to the comic, which I greatly appreciated in the second part. Here you want to play both things and the film is a bit in a no-man’s-land for it.

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In addition, it is a shame that they do not take better advantage of having a villain of the size of Mel Gibson, who is predisposed to give what the film needs from him, but who at the moment of truth feels like a lost opportunity to do something great no matter how much one enjoys each of his appearances.

Mercenaries Scene 3

In return, ‘Los Mercenarios 3’ is also the one that has a more solid structure and a more action-oriented story instead of throwing so much of the past. That makes it probably the strongest installment, not to say it’s anything particularly noteworthy. The problem is that that does not finish moving well regarding its nature as entertainment, where it stays a bit in a no-man’s-land.

And it is curious that ‘Los Mercenarios 3’ correctly distributes the action scenes so as not to saturate the viewer but not to give him many respite, but the way of executing them by the director Patrick Hughes it is not very satisfactory. Yes, there is a lot of action with a film flavor from another era, but nothing that really stands out.

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In their favor, it is worth noting that the veterans are having fun again and that new signings such as those of Wesley snipes or Antonio Banderas – the feature’s main comic relief – they work well to try and shape an old-fashioned action party for viewers who simply needed something like that.

Mel Gibson Mercenaries 3

‘Los Mercenarios 3’ was, by far, the lowest grossing of the trilogy, mainly due to its poor performance in the United States, where it only earned $ 39 million. Worldwide it went to 214 million, a disappointing figure considering that the second installment had gone to 314 with a similar budget.