The Menu | Learn how the chilling new film with Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult was created

The horror genre is giving a lot to talk about this year in cinematographic matters. But, what happens if we aim to refine the formulas and mix them with the attractions of a particular high-end gastronomy? The combination seems succulent and at the same time chilling, especially if you think of The menuthe new movie Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes Y Nicholas Hoult which is about to be released to disturb Chilean and Latin American viewers.

The story follows the couple Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), who travel to an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest to dine at an upscale restaurant run by the unsympathetic and world-famous chef, Julian. Slowik (Ralph Fiennes).

There, Slowik prepares a lavish menu for twelve special diners backed by a sharp kitchen team. As the evening progresses, the tension increases at all the tables as secrets are revealed and unexpected dishes are served.

With each violent and stormy event, a glimpse of Slowik’s true motivation begins to emerge, and diners grow uneasy as they realize that his elaborate menu is designed as the catalyst for a rock-shattering end to the party.

The menu | How was the sinister restaurant created?

Most of the film is set in Hawthorn, a restaurant created especially for the film that inevitably functions as a character in the story.

He was the production designer ethan tobmann (Free Guy, classified report, The room) who spearheaded the creation of the world of Hawthorn, knew immediately that each space within the restaurant had to accompany the emotional journey of the characters.

He achieved this by thinking of evoking a church, a place of veneration in which the preparation of each dish is a spiritual experience. “It’s theatrical, asymmetrical, impressive and austere. There’s something chilling about it”assures the creative.

Thus, the bathroom where Margot goes in search of some tranquility at one point in the evening has a rustic rock wall that expresses the recurring theme of the clash between modernity and nature. The restaurant’s lounge, meanwhile, has a rigid and minimalist appearance, while the outside landscape is hinted at from a panoramic window that suggests the growing need to escape.

Meanwhile, regarding the exterior of the enclosure, he states that “Since you arrive on the island there are very impressive views, which are not seen in the real world. It is not a real place. It is a clear reference to the type of experience they are going to have there”.

“Furthermore, none of the dishes are remotely practical. They require twenty thousand dollar equipment to create, and if they are not consumed within three minutes, they fall over. Nature is similarly portrayed. It has been altered into specific geometric shapes. would not exist if it were not for human intervention”Tobman explained.

The menu | What ideas influence the decoration?

“The restaurant transforms throughout the film. It evolves from one dish to the next. My biggest question was how I was going to evolve the set”says set decorator Gretchen Gattuso.

The locked revolving door that leads into Hawthorn comes from Florentine frescoes and the 1962 Luis Buñuel film The Exterminating Angel.

Meanwhile, some of the most renowned restaurants in the world were a source of inspiration for the preparations shown in the film. This includes the now-closed Swedish restaurant Fäviken, run by chef Magnus Nilson; the acclaimed Catalan restaurant El Bulli, the product of the chef’s vision Ferran Adria; the French Laundry, Thomas Keller, located in Sonoma, California; and the work of René Redzepichef at the upscale Danish restaurant Noma.

The idea, according to Gattuso, is that “We try to incorporate some elements of fire, with open flames, because it’s a new trend in restaurants and chefs are starting to incorporate it into their kitchens”.

The menuthis proposal that combines thriller and satire, will debut in Chilean cinemas next December 1st.

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The Menu | Learn how the chilling new film with Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult was created