The Marvel Failure That Ryan Reynolds Took 12 Years To Recover From

Before Deadpool, the actor had a role in Marvel that did not go too well.

Ryan Reynolds got it. With his character dead pool It has managed to go on the Walk of Fame of superheroes and, for a few years, it has also been part of Marvel. It has been a long and painful road, not only as the Merc with a Mouth, but in his career as an actor. His disastrous Marvel debut still resonates and no one hides that Blade: Trinity it was a failure. His arrival at La casa de las ideas was quite insane and he didn’t get a good superhero role until 12 years later.

Directed by David S. Goyer, a well-known DC screenwriter after having left his mark on the saga of The Dark Knight or The Man of Steel, Blade: Trinity It was released in 2004 and was the third installment of the vampire saga starring Wesley Snipes. It also ended the film trilogy that, although it continued on television, did not return to the big screen. Its 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, 38/100 on Metacritic and 5.8 on IMDb -the most generous- already give a clue as to why the franchise ended.

In this third part, Ryan Reynolds signed on for his first superhero role and his first collaboration with Marvel. He played Hannibal King, one of the Nightstalkers, a gang of vampire hunters. He had high hopes for this work, but what happened was that the failure of the feature film followed him for a long time.

After this role, he chained several productions that are not well remembered: several romantic comedies, some scary films and others of action that did not penetrate among the spectators. His next attempt at Marvel was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he played the same Wade Wilson that years later would lead him to fame. After this cameo, he went over to DC to star in Green Lantern. It had been 6 years since he brought Hannibal King to life, and Reynolds experienced yet another disappointment as a superhero.

Criticism of SensaCine’s ‘Blade: Trinity’: Blade goes out the back door

Although his first date with Marvel did not go very well, the actor did not stop trying. Fortunately, his bet on Deadpool paid off and in 2016 he tasted the success of a superhero film well received by the public. Her losing streak taught him a lot. Recently David Harbor (stranger things) has acknowledged that he asked Reynolds for advice after hell boy was not received as well as expected. “It was like, ‘Hey man, I just need to know one thing. do you remember? Green Lantern? A great failure for you. How the hell was that? I think I’m going to face that right now. Am I going to be okay and survive it all?” he tells GQ.

‘Blade: Trinity’, a shooting full of complications

Apparently, it was not an easy recording. The protagonist, Wesley Snipes, did not want to communicate with his co-stars or the director. At least, that’s what actor Patton Oswalt said in an interview with A.V. Club. “It was a very troubled production. Wesley [Snipes] he was fucking crazy in a hilarious way. He wouldn’t leave his trailer and he smoked weed all day. Which was fine with me, because I had a lot of DVDs I wanted to catch up on. We were in Vancouver and it always rained,” says the interpreter.

Snipes only appeared on set for close-ups and used a body double for the rest of the scenes. Oswald acknowledges that he only did one scene with him. An example of how tense the shoot was is that Snipes tried to “strangle” the director. Days later, Goyer hired some bikers to pose as his security team and thus scare the actor a bit. It worked, but what he got was Snipes asking him to resign from filming. The director’s response was very clear: “Why don’t you resign? We already have all your close-ups and we can shoot the rest without you.” The actor got so angry that he spent the rest of the time communicating via Post-its.

Blade: Trinity is available to purchase on Prime Video.

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The Marvel Failure That Ryan Reynolds Took 12 Years To Recover From