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Since her debut thirty-five years ago, the American star has multiplied roles with striking outfits, proving each time that she was not afraid of ridicule. Latest example? The sequined pink jumpsuit she wears in THE SECRET OF THE LOST CITY (Aaron Nee and Adam Nee, 2022), an old-school romantic comedy and adventure film.

Sandra the Explorer

According to the main actress of the film, this combination is a character in its own right, and we understand it, since it does not leave the screen during almost the entire adventure. Initially, the solitary and depressed writer that Sandra Bullock embodies (Loretta Sage) must wear it for the promotion of her latest adventure novel in rose water, a genre that has made her fortune and her notoriety.

But she quickly finds herself propelled with her jumpsuit to a distant island, after having been kidnapped by a lit billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), convinced that she is the key to getting her hands on a treasure described in one of his novels.

Fortunately or not for Loretta, the model who embodies the hero of the books on each cover (Channing Tatum) follows them to play the saviors, because he is secretly in love with the writer… The beginning of a hilarious epic in the jungle for this an oddly matched duo – she the uptight nerd, he the nice but not-so-smart playboy – who just might bond in the face of danger.

We must save the pink jumpsuit

In line with the recent JUNGLE CRUISE (Jaume Collet-Serra, 2021), THE SECRET OF THE LOST CITY is an adventure film which recalls the great hours of the genre in the 1980s, and which does not hide its inspirations, from the INDIANA JONES saga by Steven Spielberg ( 1981-2008) to Robert Zemeckis’ classic, IN PURSUIT OF THE GREEN DIAMOND (1984).

In practical terms, this means that the action doesn’t take itself seriously – thank you Daniel Radcliffe, genius as a villain, and especially Brad Pitt, who makes a remarkable appearance with an unaffordable haircut.

But the star of the film remains Sandra Bullock, who willingly lends herself to the game of parody and burlesque humor in her uncomfortable jumpsuit that she absolutely wants to bring back with her, even in spare parts, because it is a ready. But behind the explosions, the valves below the belt and the romance between the two main characters, there are also some interesting thoughts on our burning world…

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The queen of the dressing room

On a lighter note, this film makes you want to revisit the cult role of Sandra Bullock in MISS DETECTIVE (Donald Petrie, 2000), where the actress went from a male FBI agent allergic to dresses to a contender in a pageant. beauty, forced to wear olé olé outfits for the needs of an infiltration mission.

The success of the film had been such that a sequel was released in 2005, MISS FBI: DIVINELY ARMY (John Pasquin), with even crazier outfits – the image below speaks for itself – and a Sandra Bullock became the official face of the FBI.

In another style, we also love her very strict pantsuit of tyrannical frame in THE PROPOSAL, where Sandra Bullock literally kneels in front of her scapegoat assistant played by Ryan Reynolds, so that he accepts an arranged marriage with her. for visa reasons. But the truth is, it’s all about Sandra Bullock, and she’s never being ridiculous. Simply Hollywood class.

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The makeovers of memorable costume expert Sandra Bullock | myCANAL