The long feud between Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro fueled again in 2019

After making successful films, many actors leave with new friendships that last a lifetime. However, for others, like Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke, their participation in the movie “Angel Heart” was the start of an endless feud.

Actors Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke have been arguing for years, their dispute having its root in a disagreement over the set of “Angel Heart” in 1987. Even after years of bickering, they are still unable to find a ground for it. agreement.

Due to their unparalleled acting skills, it’s easy to imagine that they always had a fondness for entertainment. For Rourke, however, a career in the industry cinematic came to him by chance.


Abandoned by his father when he was only six years old, Rourke had an unhappy childhood. He often sought solace in a boxing ring, training in the same gym as professional boxer and activist Mohammad Ali.

In amateur boxing, he scored 139 wins, a record, and he was on the verge of turning pro until an injury forced him out of the ring. Fortunately, when a friend asked him to replace an absent lead actor in a play, he found where his heart had always been.

The comedy bug bit the boxer, and he is more than ready to leave behind his athletic aspirations to pursue a dream in the world of cinema. So he leaves for New York, with a meager salary of $ 400 to start with.

After years of part-time work and many acting lessons, he was finally ready to try his first role, which he landed in 1981, that of bomb maker Teddy Lewis in “Body Heat”.

Although his role only appeared onscreen for a few minutes, it was a great start, and he never looked back. He went on to land roles in cult classics such as “Rumble Fish” and “Angel Heart”, in which his relationship with De Niro was severed.

De Niro never responded to Rourke’s allegations or outbursts.

De Niro first tasted stardom after appearing in “Bang the Drum Slowly” in 1973, but his volatility was put to the test when he appeared in “Mean Streets” in 1973. However, his role in “The Godfather: Part II” earned him his first Oscar.


In 1987, De Niro and Rourke both played the roles of Louis Cyphre and Harry Angel in Alan Parker’s film “Angel Heart”.

If their feud seems to have many facets, it all started with the complex relationship between their characters on set. Considered a method actor, De Niro refused to speak to Rourke, and every time they shared a scene it was a workout.

Rourke would later claim that it all started from a scene in the film where the two actors had to make slight contact, as the script required, but De Niro then asked Rourke not to touch him.

Rourke also revealed that when they passed the casting for “Angel Heart,” Rourke admired De Niro and considered him his idol, but soon after, the “Goodfellas” actor began to ignore him. Speaking to the Italian newspaper “Non è la D’Urso”, Page Six reports that he said :

About five minutes later, [De Niro] walks up and says, ‘I think it’s better if we don’t talk because of the characters in the movie. It’s better if we don’t say hello, if we don’t talk or whatever.


“The Wrestler” star says Robert De Niro’s actions hurt him deeply because he had always admired him, but things have changed since then, and instead of admiring [De Niro], he now looks at him askance.

Quarrels like this don’t often last long, but the disagreement between De Niro and Rourke has spanned four decades, and neither seems ready to raise the white flag.


The two actors have since had numerous public disputes over the years, but in 2019 Rourke rekindled the feud by claiming he missed out on a role in Martin Scorcese’s film “The Irishman” in 2019 because De Niro did not. didn’t want to work with him.

He said Scorsese wanted to meet him for the film, along with De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, but the casting director reportedly told Rourke’s manager that De Niro had refused to work with him due to their longstanding feud. .

Representatives for De Niro however disputed the claims, saying Scorsese had not even considered to make Rourke work For the movie. It was this response that prompted Rourke to say obscene and unprintable words about De Niro.

Rourke took to his Instagram to challenge De Niro, claiming that the “The Intern” actor was quoted in a newspaper calling Rourke a liar for his claims about “The Irishman”. He has this from his former co-actor, as reported by The Independent:

Listen, Mr. movie badass you are the first person to call me a liar and it was in a newspaper


The angry Rourke did not give a reference to the journal, however. He also did not want to reveal the role he was supposed to play in “The Irishman”.

He then called De Niro a crybaby, swearing by the most loved people and pets he would take it upon himself toembarrass De Niro as some sort of twisted revenge for the “pain” he caused her.

In the since-deleted Instagram post, Rourke wrote the inflammatory words along with a classic film still of the “Taxi Driver” actor smoking a cigarette.

If this is not Rourke’s first fight, his conflicts with De Niro seem to have won him the price of the longest fight. De Niro never responded to Rourke’s allegations or outbursts.

Rourke went on to star in the movie “Girl” in 2020, while From Niro starred as Ed in the family comedy “War with Grandpa” in 2020.

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The long feud between Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro fueled again in 2019