The live-action Anya Taylor-Joy dreams of starring in


The Argentinian-born actress is living a dream gift. The prices for queen bet they made him lust for studies.

Federico Carestia

The actress turns 26 on Saturday.©GettyThe actress turns 26 on Saturday.Federico Carestia

Next Thursday we will meet again Anya Taylor Joy in action, hand in hand The man from the north. The film distributed by Universal images This will be the third in the filmography of Robert Egger (Lighthouse, witch), who returned to work with the actress of queen bet after six years. Focused on viking legend of amleth (said to have inspired william shakespeare to write Hamlet), shows a warrior on his quest to avenge the death of his father.

With this film fast approaching, it is possible to start thinking about the future projects of an actress of the talent of Taylor Joy. These days, virtually every studio is vying for her and don’t hesitate to offer her roles, especially after the recognition she gained with queen betwhich means all kinds of rewards for what has been done in the series of netflix like the invincible chess player.

Among the future feature films for Taylor Joy appears the prequel Mad Max: Fury Road, furiouswhere he will step into the shoes of the same character that was played by Charlize Theron in the mega production of 2015. Beyond the pride of having the possibility of joining the most important saga of Australian cinema, to global recognition, there is a small thorn for the actress. An unfulfilled dream.

In an interview with BBCthe actress of The man from the north revealed that there’s a role she’s been dreaming of since she was little. At the age of live action, Taylor Joy He confessed that he really wanted to do the remake of Anastasiaa film which, from what he said, he not only loves but is his ” prefer “. In the aforementioned note, the artist explained: ” Her name is anyamine is anya. That was definitely what I said as a kid: ‘Someday'” he said, of that pending account.

The Disney character you could play too

Lately we’ve gotten used to seeing a lot of Anya Taylor Joy with dyed blonde hair and so one would think that in a potential live action from Peter Pancould interpret Tinker Bell. However, the actress has another idea in mind. From what he said, one of his nicknames is “Wendy” as character friend of Peter Pan. In this sense, he explained that they call him that because he says he likes to take matters into his own hands. “lost children”. Would you like to see her in a remake of Peter Pan?

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The live-action Anya Taylor-Joy dreams of starring in