‘The last duel’: The kiss between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that was eliminated for being too distracting

They form one of the best-known pair of friends in Hollywood. Together with Ridley Scott they work together again. Not only in front of the camera, but also to the script.

The last duel It was going to include a kiss between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the great friends of Hollywood, but director Ridley Scott decided to eliminate it because it diverted attention from what really mattered. In an interview with AND, the pair of actors revealed that, in the original version of the scene, their characters, Sir Jean de Carrouges and Pierre d’Alençon, kissed each other on the mouth as part of the ceremony, but it did not quite fit into the narrative . “Ridley thought it would be distracting and his instincts are very good.”acknowledges Affleck.

What we do get to see on the screen is an interesting interaction between them that tells, without the need to explain anything, the strong tension of the meeting. “The two characters really hate each other. There is a scene where I kneel in front of him. Ben improvised one thing and that is that I said my line of dialogue and he would interrupt me to say ‘Closer’. I would get up and kneel in front of him again. He just blurted it out, it wasn’t in the script“says Damon.

Review of ‘The Last Duel’ from the Venice Film Festival

After reading the words of the protagonist, we understand that, in order to maintain the tension of the moment, Scott decided to dispense with the kiss between the actors, which would surely have changed the atmosphere of the scene. These statements also suggest that the good dynamic between Affleck and Damon continues as fresh as it used to be decades ago.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon became a winning combination during the 90s after their participation in Dogma, Chasing amy and of course, El indomable Will Hunting, a film that earned them the Oscar for their work with the script. 20 years later they form a team again in The last duel, showing that there are things that do not change: neither his friendship nor his know-how with the libretto.

Under the direction of director Ridley Scott and with the help of screenwriter Nicole Holofcener – who was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Can you ever forgive me?-, Damon and Affleck have brought to life this story about the last legally authorized duel in medieval France. The film follows a 14th century French gentleman, Jean de Carrouges (Damon), who challenges his former best friend to trial by combat after he raped his wife, Marguerite de Carrouges (Jodie Comer).

The last duel hits Spanish cinemas on Friday, October 29.

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‘The last duel’: The kiss between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that was eliminated for being too distracting