The Jackal: the failed summit meeting between Bruce Willis and Richard Gere

The Jackal starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere could have been a great action movie with two of the biggest stars of its time. He could have.

In 1997, Bruce Willis and Richard Gere both starred in an action movie directed by Michael Caton-Jones, a remake of Jackal, the thrilling political thriller of the great Fred Zinnemann (Act of violence, The train will whistle three times, As long as there will be men) from the bestselling novel of the same name.

Two actors at the peak of their careers, a rising filmmaker and a screenplay inspired by a renowned work already successfully adapted, almost everything was there so that The Jackal be a great action movie. And yet, Universal’s small ambitions, the cliché scenario, the shooting complications and fate decided otherwise. Since the film is available on Amazon Prime Video until November 14, it would be a shame to miss it again.

Bruce Willis who discovers that Large Screen is still making fun of him


The ’90s provided some of the best action movies in different genres, from thriller, sci-fi, comedy and disaster drama: The Incredible. Total Recall, Terminator 2, the marvelous Foolproof, the awesome Demolition Man, the explosive Speed, the extraordinary True Lies or Mission Impossible, Independance Day, The wings of hell and Times / face, to recite nobody else but them.

Between the pale copies of Crystal trap, the chicks with Steven Seagal and the big blockbusters, the genre took full advantage of the hours left before Matrix do not come to overthrow Hollywood and the spirits. Universal understood this and therefore asked Chuck Pfarrer to write a more or less inspired script of the novel Jackal written by Frederick Forsyth and the first adaptation by Fred Zinnemann, whose studio bought the rights from producer John Woolfe.

Thanks to Navy Seals: The Best, the amazing Darkman, Manhunt and Barb Wire, the screenwriter had already proven his talent in the genre on a few big films and seemed like an ideal choice to energize the narrative from the book and the film, inspired by the OAS assassination attempt on General De Gaulle in 1962.

photo, Bruce WillisYou seek, Bruce, you seek

Michael Caton-Jones, who stood out with his first feature film, Scandal, is contacted to take charge of the project. In less than ten years, the British director has collaborated with Matthew Modine and John Lithgow (Memphis Belle), Michael J. Fox (Doc Hollywood), Robert De Niro or a very young Leonardo DiCaprio (Secret injuries), and his latest film, Rob Roy starring Liam Nesson, Jessica Lange and Tim Roth, has been a resounding critical and commercial success, confirming his reputation as a filmmaker to watch.

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The Jackal: the failed summit meeting between Bruce Willis and Richard Gere