The image we did not want to see: This is Bruce Willis after his retirement from the cinema

Last March, Bruce Willis surprised the whole world with an unexpected announcement: his film withdrawal after being diagnosed with aphasia. Through a statement on social networks, his relatives indicated the following: “Bruce is experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive abilities. As a result of this, and with much consideration, Bruce will be stepping back from the professional career of his that has meant so much to him.”Now, eight months later, the actor was caught on the streets of Los Angeles, wearing a really run down looksome images that his fans never wanted to see.

According to experts, aphasia is a degenerative disease that causes the loss of the ability to express oneself and written oral comprehension. This condition caused the actor many problems during the filming of his latest films, which is why he made the sad decision to retire at 67 years of age. After having passed this stage of “mourning” having retired earlier than expected, the actor has dedicated his days to living in peace, enjoying nature and his family. However, just a few days ago he was caught while walking through a park in los angeles and his appearance shocked all his fans, is unrecognizable.

Bruce Willis

The actor from movies like ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘Armageddon’ was photographed in the company of another man, wearing comfortable clothes and a cap to go unnoticed. However, the most striking of these images was the remarkable weightloss of the actor, who always boasted of excellent physical condition due to the demands of his characters. Now, with a slightly more tired face, a graying beard and a few pounds less, Willis tries to continue with his normal life, something that has reassured his fans, who are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the 5 movies that the actor filmed before announcing his retirement.

Bruce Willis leans on his family

After being diagnosed with this disease, the actor’s family has been supporting him with each of his decisions, becoming the fundamental pillar of his life. However, facing this disease has not been easy for him or his family. Emma Hemming, wife of Bruce Willis, opened up about it in a recent interview with ‘People’ magazine. “It’s been shocking, I’m trying to do the best I can, but it’s hard to see your husband deteriorating“.

In addition to his current wife, the other person who has been very present in Willis’s life in recent months has been Demi Moore, his first wife and mother of his three oldest daughters: Rumer (33), Scout (30) and Tallulah (28). Despite the fact that they divorced 22 years ago, the relationship between them has become a kind of brotherhood, they even went through the confinement due to Covid-19 together as a big family, something that was undoubtedly a great demonstration of love on the part of of his wife, his ex-wife and their five daughters.

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The image we did not want to see: This is Bruce Willis after his retirement from the cinema