The haunting call from Marilyn Monroe to Kennedy that haunted Jackie for years: “Is Jack home?”

If there is a figure that has marked the golden years of Hollywood, it is, without a doubt, that of marilyn monroe. 60 years have passed since his death but the memory of him is still present throughout the world.

One of the most commented moments before the ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ actress died in August 1963 was the supposed Romance that marilyn lived with The president of United States, John F. Kennedy.

Now a book written by J. Randy Taraborrelli about Kennedy’s wife, ‘Jackie: Public, Private, Secret‘, reveals a call that Marilyn Monroe made to the president and that Jackie picked up. A moment that disturbed and marked the First Lady for years.

According to the author, Marilyn called the phone that Kennedy had in her room., the only one that was not controlled by the Secret Services. Something that missed Jackie a lot and that, for a long time, came to question if she was really the actress.

“There was something in that phone call,” Taraborrelli explains. “He later told family members that there was a haunting quality to Marilyn’s voice that really caught her… And it’s not like they had any kind of deep conversation… But it was 10 years of wondering, was she really Marilyn Monroe? And that Buzz stayed with the family.”

The conversation was very brief. “Is Jack home?Monroe asked as Jackie picked up the phone. To which the First Lady replied by saying who was calling: “Marilyn Monroe,” she replied.Are you Jackie?“, said the interpreter. To which Kennedy said yes. Then Monroe wanted to know if she would tell Kennedy that she had called. To which Jackie asked what the matter was about. Marilyn then replied that it was nothing that she just wanted to say hello. Perplexed, the politician’s wife said she would give him the message before hanging up.

Jackie told her mother that the call it had been “unpleasant”although Monroe’s voice had a “sad” tone and “ethereal, lost girl”. Something she had found “disturbing.”

“Jackie would never be the type to say to Marilyn, ‘How dare you call here?'” the writer points out. “She didn’t have that kind of personality. She was more of a polite hang-up, which is exactly what she did… If it had been Elizabeth Taylor or any other movie star, there wouldn’t have been much intrigue. Even if she was one of the other women JFK was having an affair with, there wouldn’t have been much intrigue. Everything Marilyn touched always created a point of interest.”

Jackie Kennedy with her husband the President of the United States John F. Kennedy | Getty

Much has been said about the relationship Marilyn could have had with Kennedy but Randy Taraborrelli comments that only they had a sexual encounter the weekend of March 24, 1962 at the home of Bing Crosby in Palm Springs.

Jackie felt that Marilyn was too vulnerable., too weak for JFK or anyone else to play with,” he continues. “But his main concern was JFK. She knew what it took to be with a very powerful man. And great men like JFK have great flaws.”

Jackie was scarred by this call, an obsession that would increase after learning that Marilyn Monroe died on August 4, 1962 at only 36 years old: “After Marilyn’s death, Jackie was very devastated,” she shares. “She was deeply disturbed by that. She had a vacation planned with her sister to Italy, and she really wanted to cancel it. [Su hijo] John Jr. also had the flu, so she wasn’t in a vacation state of mind.”

“It was Lee who talked her into leaving. Over the years, her trip had been described as a carefree jaunt. But based on my research and the people I spoke to who were there at the time, Jackie was very depressed the whole time. It was a tough vacation because she just wasn’t in a place where she felt like celebrating anything.”

“I think Marilyn’s death hit her in a certain way,” he ends by saying.

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The haunting call from Marilyn Monroe to Kennedy that haunted Jackie for years: “Is Jack home?”