The good reason Kristen Bell and her family rarely shower

Each teacher has his booklet and that of Kristen Bell gets little wet. Literally. The actress of The Good Place has spoken on the podcast Armchair Expert about why you shower your kids little.

The American has explained that it is a more environmental measure than aesthetic or hygienic, since in the state where she lives with her family there is not much water: “California is always in a drought.”

Kristen went on to explain that to save water, she showers with the little ones: “I have a responsibility to the environment. We don’t have a lot of water, so when I shower, I bring the girls with me and we all use the same water ”.

I have a responsibility to the environment

Dax Shepard, the actress’s partner and the girls’ father, wanted to clarify in the podcast, to which he was also invited, that when their daughters were younger they bathed them almost every day: “During the first years it was his usual routine to sleep. Once it happened, it was no longer necessary for them to do so and we put the brakes on. “

How often does Kristen Bell shower?

Kristen had said on more than one occasion that she has little habit of washing. As a result of that statement, the artist wanted to make clear the moment when she knows when she needs a shower. And the truth is that it makes a lot of logic: “Jokes away, I take a shower when the smell appears. That’s what they say you need to shower. “

In addition, her husband wanted to make it clear that the actress is a person with a lot of hygiene despite not taking a regular shower. “She has better hygiene than me. I think this is because she wears makeup more often and has to remove it ”, he assured.

A long list of stars who shower little

Kristen is by no means the first Hollywood actress to speak out on this topic. There are many stars who spend little time in the shower and who have no qualms about saying it.

Mila Kunis or Ashton Kutcher have spoken on several occasions on the subject, ensuring that they shower only when necessary. Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio have also created a school and prefer to get little wet.