The Flash’ and Ezra Miller are key to DC’s future, like it or not.

For now, the feature film The Flashof Andres Muschietti, is one of the few survivors of the restructuring of DC Extended Universe. Despite the fact that its main actor, Ezra Miller, went through a difficult legal year, marked by scandals and rather inappropriate behavior for which he ended up apologizing.

But, while other actors are excluded from the future of the saga and several films have been scrapped, the story of the racing car continues to generate interest. This could be because his screenplay is the starting point for the company’s story. a new future for the franchise from Warner Discovery.

James Gunn and Peter Safran follow one of the most complex processes in cinema today. By taking the chaotic timeline of DC’s film adaptations to create something entirely new. Which also means throwing away everything that was done before. Or at least reinterpret it. Which opens up the possibility of a major decision that contemplates a temporal rift and multiverses.

Already in the last chapter of the arrowverse, a preview of the idea was announced. In a post-credits scene, the Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin has an encounter with the version of the character played by Ezra Miller. The sequence determined that in DC mythology, alternate universes are possible.. Which, in fact, could be a real option when faced with the downsides of the franchise’s plot and timeline.

The Flash rebuilt the dc world

The movie itself is the next hint that the idea could be part of the saga’s future plans. The Flash. There are few plot details, but from the few previews, one point is clear. Barry will attempt the feat of breaking the barrier of time and space to save his mother.

Something that doesn’t seem to have changed under the new administration of Gunn and Safran. An obvious point considering that the character played by Miller is one of the few characters whose tenure in DC has not been debated..

The Flash, Ezra MillerThe Flash, Ezra Miller

Which, no doubt, would explain the presence of an alternative Batman in the feature film. The character would be played by Michael Keaton, rather than franchise regular Ben Affleck. However, this point suggests something more ambitious. There are rumors that both characters could be part of the story. Which means that at some point, Barry will have the opportunity to create the multiverse and, arguably, show the potential of the phenomenon.

Of flash point to live action in The Flash

While this isn’t a direct spin-off from the publisher’s limited series, it’s clear that the potential for using the concept of time travel is real. In particular to alter the central plot of the franchise. Especially since the multiplicity of realities could explain Gunn’s future plans, which is to develop stories for major DC characters.

Over the past few months, the filmmaker has made it clear that. classic editor icons are a priority in new stories.. At the same time, however, he ruled out that the actors who have embodied them so far will be involved in the medium term.

Wonder Woman, DCWonder Woman, DC

There’s an important point to dig into as to what’s to come in the DC Extended Universe. The story of wonder womanwith Gal Gadot, is not part of Warner Discovery’s immediate plans.. Gunn clarified that she “will not be included” in any production for the next three years.

A statement that could be extended to most of the main characters of the saga. Which means that everything that happens from now on has no connection to what the studio has shown on the big screen.

Does that mean you have to start from scratch?

This is not news that will surprise fans. Especially after Henry Cavill and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson explained that they were no longer part of DC. Questions remain about the future of the Aquaman by Jason Momoa and Shazam by Zachary Levy. But, for the moment, what is conclusive is that James Gunn is ready to rebuild the universe..

Will he leave behind all the characters and settings shown in recent years? The answer seems to lie, once again, in The Flash. The film has had a few reshoots, perhaps to add information. Cameos from Cavill and Gadot were also removed. Which clearly indicates that it will sever all ties with the previous films. But Barry’s role in the future remains solid.

Several executives have expressed that Ezra Miller could be included in upcoming plans. Why is the actor making an exception to the reshuffle? The answer arguably lies in the fact that his movie could be the end point of the DC Extended Universe as it has been known thus far.

But that doesn’t mean that The Flash will be an adaptation of one of the five issues of the series published in 2011. There is only the certain possibility, that Barry Allen becomes the time divide the studio must include new characters.. It’s also about embracing Gunn and Safran’s ambitious plan to revamp the franchise by rebooting many of its core stories.

So the new DC Extended Universe won’t begin without any commonality with the old one. In fact, it could be understood as an evolution. Which would explain the story of a younger Superman or all the heroes having new faces.

A new path for traditional DC stories

The DC Extended Universe currently lacks order and meaning. There are timelines that do not coincide with the main one. There are also parallel stories and even two versions of the same story, as in the case of the first and second part of the history of Europe. Suicide Squad.

Indeed, all the characters presented depend, more or less, on the films shot by Zack Snyder. This could pose a storytelling and aesthetic or tonal problem that Gunn will have to try to solve.

batman v supermanbatman v supermanWarner Bros.

A complete temporal rupture will take all the characters to an unprecedented narrative place. It will differentiate between two specific scenarios – at least two alternate realities – and allow for the inclusion of characters.

Gunn said that plans to draw inspiration from the DC animated universe.a neat and elegant succession of stories that complement each other. But to achieve such a result, it will sooner or later have to weed out all the mistakes that have made DC’s cinematic world a chaotic experience.

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It’s clear that The Flash will not fit the flash point comics – it would involve, at least, the Justice League – but it’s his idea. For now, that’s the immediate explanation for Warner Discovery’s interest in keeping Ezra Miller. At the same time supporting the premise of a film that remains an enigma for the trade press and fans. Will the new DC Extended Universe start this year? Probably yes.

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The Flash’ and Ezra Miller are key to DC’s future, like it or not.