The film that will reunite Jake Gyllenhaal with the creator of The Walking Dead

If there are any actors the awards season owes its credit to, one of them is Jake Gyllenhaal. What happened to Leonardo Dicaprio until the arrival of The ghost Where Brad Pitt before Once upon a time … in Hollywood, now he gets to Jacques. The artist has amazing works like those of Enemy, Prisoners, somnambule Where Nocturnal animals, most l’Oscar it remains elusive.

Secret on the Mountain earned him his only Oscar nomination. (IMDb)

That could change in one of his next projects, which will tie him to the creator of The walking dead, Robert Kirkman. Jake Gyllenhaal will be the protagonist of Song of oblivion, a film centered on the graphic novels of the head of The walking dead and Lorenzo De Felici. In addition, he will be the producer of the film.

The fiction was born in 2018 and focuses on the life of Nathan Cole, a man dedicated to rescuing people trapped in Oversight, a part of Philadelphia that has fallen but still has 300,000 people living there. In March of this year, the fifth chapter of the saga was published, in which volumes 25 to 30 were included.

Riva marker, partner of Jake Gyllenhaal in the production company Nine stories assured in a press release: “We are delighted to partner with New Republic and Toward the sky for this astonishing and captivating series of Robert Kirkman. Like with The walking dead and Invincible, in Song of oblivion Kirkman has created the potential for a deeply entertaining franchise and the perfect opportunity to explore the big questions we ask ourselves on a global scale. “, he condemned.

Kirkman, for his part, underlined the excitement of joining New Republic and Nine stories, highlighting : “We had the chance to form a team as passionate as we are about comics”. It will be a new project on the horizon of Gyllenhall where are they too Ambulance, from Michael Bay, and the guilty, from Antoine Fuqua.

What will happen to The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman He has proven to be one of the most sought-after designers today and all of his works attract absolute attention. But if it is necessary to speak of iconic fictions, one of them is The walking dead, who is about to say goodbye to his longest season yet. Over the past few days, the first third of 24 episodes have started airing.

Once completed, the franchise prepares to expand with new spin-off which will be added to Fear the living dead and World beyond. The one that stands out the most will be the one focused on Daryl and Carole, although we must also mention the trilogy of films that will lead Andrew Lincoln on Rick grime.

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